Dota 2: Five Carry Heroes in 7.30e You Should Pick

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Dota 2: Five Carry Heroes in 7.30e You Should Pick

Let’s check out which are the best carries to pick in patch 7.30e.

Even though some people believe that we will have a new patch in the future, it is time to check which are some of the best carries in 7.30e. We’ve already covered some of the best heroes that you can pick to gain MMR, so make sure to check that article. With that being said, this article will focus on the carries because most Dota 2 players like picking these kinds of heroes. Without further ado, here are a few carry heroes that will probably help you gain the MMR you want.

Lone Druid

Lone Druid is one of the heroes in the game that many people forget about until it is too late. Despite not being the strongest carry in the current patch, LD always has the potential to carry his team to victory. Whether you decide to focus on getting items for the bear or prefer a different type of build, Lone Druid is definitely one of the options you should take into consideration.

It is worth pointing out that LD is not always played as a carry. In fact, many people prefer to put the hero in the mid lane or even as an offlaner. Even though he will probably be fine in those positions (depending on the enemy’s heroes), he shines the most when he gets the opportunity to farm. That’s why some people often decide to purchase a Hand of Midas.

Wraith King

The second hero is one of the go-to options for some of the best professional Dota 2 teams, such as Alliance. Wraith King is a strength hero capable of inflicting serious damage as long as he gets the right items. Despite not being the fastest farmer in Dota 2, the recent changes to his skills made Wraith King a viable option. Since he is a Strength hero, he is tanky and scales really well in the late game. Let’s also not forget his ultimate, which allows him to have a second life. This may not seem impressive to inexperienced Dota 2 players, but Reincarnation plays a crucial role in high-level PUBs and pro games.

Similar to Lone Druid, Wraith King is one of the heroes in Dota 2 that can push towers with little to no effort. That’s why he is often a part of the so-called “Push starts”, despite not being a ranged hero.


Everyone who plays pubs regularly knows that Huskar is one of the most annoying heroes in the games. Even though he is mostly played as a mid laner, some people prefer to go to the safe lane and farm faster. That’s why we’ve decided to include him in this list of heroes.

Huskar is one of the few heroes in the game capable of winning the game on his own. Despite not being the strongest late-game monster, he shines during the mid game, especially if he gets an Aegis. Huskar can easily dominate his lane against most enemy heroes and, thanks to his ultimate, he can bring down every core hero in a matter of seconds.

However, since Huskar relies on staying on low HP to do damage, he is not that easy to play. That’s why most people that spam the hero have plenty of experience and know how to utilize his potential.


Medusa has always been one of the strongest Dota 2 heroes when it comes down to carrying a game. The hero has always been the synonym of a late-game carry because of its incredible durability and damage capabilities. Despite not being that strong early on, Medusa scales really well with items, making her among the best late-game monsters.

Although she can deal a lot of damage, Medusa is not a hero that you can pick right away. There are many other heroes that can make her life a living hell, such as Anti-Mage and Slark, for example. Everything that can potentially burn mana or steal stats is dangerous for Dusa because she relies on her durability.

One of the main advantages of picking this hero is the fact that you can farm fast. If your team stacks the neutral camps, you can farm up to twice as fast as the enemy carry. This will allow you to purchase some mid-game items and participate in team fights.


While it is true that only a few pro teams pick Ursa, she continues to be one of the most dominant heroes in pubs. She is definitely not the faster farmer in the world, but she makes up for it by doing insane single-target damage. That’s one of the reasons why some people pick Ursa as a counter to other top-tier carriers, including Wraith King.

In order to utilize the hero’s full potential, you have to try and get a good start to the game. Besides securing a few kills during the laning stage, it is advisable to kill Roshan as fast as possible. This will allow you to have an Aegis and get a lot of experience early on. Once you purchase a Blink Dagger or a Shadow Blade, you can start roaming around and killing the enemy heroes.

Even though Ursa is strong, she also has a lot of prominent counters. Every hero that can kite her is a pain to deal with. That’s why many Ursa players decide to purchase a Black King Bar as soon as possible.

Dota 2: Five Carry Heroes in 7.30e You Should Pick
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