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Veselin Ignatov
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Dota 2: Fear Will Take a Break From Pro Dota 2

Dota 2 pro player Fear talking to someone
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Sadly, one of the most legendary Dota 2 players has decided to take a break.

After the Dota 2 Pro Circuit was canceled, most of the top NA teams started to compete in Europe. As a result, many of the smaller teams in this division don’t really have a lot of tournaments to play in, which is why some of them decided to take a break.

Sadly, one of the people who did is Clinton “Fear” Loomis. The TI-winning player was a part of Business Associates, which was a pretty promising team. However, after COVID-19 and Valve’s actions, the team had no option but to disband.

Even though we finally got some news from the company saying that the DPC will resume in early 2021, it seems like some teams just can’t wait until then. That’s why so many players are taking a break.

How did BA perform?

Unfortunately, Fear’s latest team didn’t really do so well. Even though the NA region attended some pretty cool events, Business Associates failed to impress. Their last attempt was at the OMEGA League: Americans Ancient Division. Although they’ve managed to claim that trophy, it seems like the prize wasn’t that big.

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We really hope that we will see Fear back in action soon. It’s very likely the TI winner to return once the DPC starts again. Apart from him, Leon “Nine” Kirilin also said that he will take a break. Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, meanwhile, will try his luck somewhere else, while Joel “moOz” Mori Ozambela will be Beastcoast’s new coach.

The interesting thing is that DeMoN played alongside Jacky “EternalEnvy” Mao as a stand-in. That’s why we think that we will see him back in action soon as well.

Featured image via DreamHack.

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