Dota 2: ESL One Katowice Group Stage Quick Recap

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Dota 2: ESL One Katowice Group Stage Quick Recap

Two days after the start of ESL One Katowice, the group stage has come to an end. As expected, the heavy favorites performed very well and managed to go through.


Group A

Team Secret and Gambit Esports will advance to the Upper Bracket of the event. The Chongqing Major Champions dropped only one game, and it was against the current TI champions – OG. Basically, no other team was even close to challenging them. What’s more, the EU powerhouse also managed to win in their first match in the Upper Bracket against NiP. We expect a “megafight” between them and Gambit for the first slot in the Grand Final.

Forward Gaming has to be one of the biggest disappointments in the event. FG was struggling since the first day of the tournament. They finished their group stage with 3 wins and 7 losses. The only team that performed worse was For The Dream, who finished last. Sadly, both of them are now out of the tournament. FG really need to do something about their playstyle if they want to have a chance at the upcoming Major.

Group B

The NA curse continued in the second group of the event. Complexity Gaming had the same fight as their FG, finishing near the bottom of the group. This is a clear sign that the current state of NA Dota is not at its peak.

Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas are the two teams which got the ticket for the Upper Bracket. Unfortunately, both of them lost their matches and now have to fight for their survival in the Lower Bracket. NIP’s task is definitely harder because they have to play either OG or Aster. Fnatic, on the other hand, will most likely face Chaos Esports Club

Team Aster had a pretty nice comeback in the tournament, despite losing their first games of the group. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Sylar and Co. were able to claim the wins in their last games. This gave them the ticket to the Lower Bracket. Their next challenge will be a best-of-three match against OG.

What’s in for tomorrow?

We will have an explosive start with Aster vs. OG. The winner will have to face NiP.

The other series features Mineski and Chaos EC. Before the ESL One Katowice games, make sure to watch MDL Macau because it also has some exciting games on its sleeve.

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Dota 2: ESL One Katowice Group Stage Quick Recap
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