Dota 2: EPIC League Will Take Place In Europe And CIS This November

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Dota 2: EPIC League Will Take Place In Europe And CIS This November

This is the latest Dota 2 tournament that will take place soon.

Dota 2 fans around the world hoped that COVID-19 was going to end so that things could go back to normal. Unfortunately, many countries around the world are still having problems with this pesky virus. Hence, the Dota 2 tournaments will continue to be held in an online format.

After we had loads of fantastic tournaments in the last few months, there is one more that’s on the way. This one is organized by Epic Esports Events, which you may recognize from EPICENTER. They’ve decided to host a six-week-long tournament that will include the best teams in Europe and CIS.

We still don’t have that many details about the event, which means that there will be new updates soon. Thus, make sure you follow ESTNN if you need more information.

What we do know

The most impressive thing about this event is the prize pool, which is $500K USD. The tournament is called EPIC League and it will take place between November 3 and December 13. Similar to the OMEGA League, we will have two divisions, but instead of 12 teams, we will have only 10.

We already know the names of the eight of them because they were directly invited. This means that the other two will be joining the rest through the open and closed qualifiers. These begin on October 29, which means that teams have a few more days to sign up.

The invited teams are Alliance,, Team Secret, Team Nigma, OG, Team Liquid, Virtus.Pro, and Natus Vincere.

Once the groups are over, we will watch the playoffs, which will begin on December 8.

Dota 2: EPIC League Will Take Place In Europe And CIS This November
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