Dota 2 Enchantress Guide – Tips and Tricks

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Dota 2 Enchantress Guide – Tips and Tricks

Let’s dive into the Dota 2 Enchantress guide that will show you everything you can think of about this hero.

Albeit not the most popular hero in the game, Enchantress is a hero that has proven herself in pro and casual games. She can control the early game and can be very annoying later on. That’s why this Enchantress Dota 2 guide will show you more info about those things.

Enchantress is a ranged INT hero that has 43-53 damage, 4.2 armor, and 320 movement speed. The hero is known for having low starting STR, but her damage output is among the best in the game, so it’s time to learn more about it.

Dota 2 Enchantress Guide – Abilities

When it comes down to the Dota Enchantress build, the first thing you need to check is the hero’s abilities.

  • Impetus – This attack modifier deals 20% of the distance between Enchantress and her target as pure damage.
  • Enchant – This ability lets the hero get a Neutral Creep and use it and its abilities for up to 120s. Furthermore, she can use it on an enemy hero to slow him down by 60% for 5s.
  • Nature’s Attendants – Summons a could of whisps for 8s that heal for 16 hp/sec.
  • Untouchable – This passive ability removes 200 attack speed on level 3 from an enemy unit trying to attack Enchantress.

If the hero gets a shard, she will get a new ability called Sproink that allows the hero to leak backward, and attack a target with Impetus, dealing damage on the range of an additional 100. The ability has an 8s cooldown. Aghanim's Scepter allows her Enchant to increase the number of max creeps by 1. Furthermore, she'll get a new ability called Little Friends that roots a target in place for 2s+ 0.5s for each creep in range (maximum of 5 s).


Enchantress Dota 2 Guide – Talents


Aside from the Enchantress Dota 2 skills, players also need to know some details about this hero’s talents.

  • Level 10 – Nature’s Attendants grants +30 MS or +8% Magic Resistance
  • Level 15 – +5 Wips for Nature’s Attendants or +45 Damage
  • Level 20 – Enchanted Creep gets +30% HP/Damage, or Untouchable slows an additional 65 AS
  • Level 25 – +20 HP healing to Nature’s Attendants or Impetus Damage +6.5%

Dota 2 Enchantress Guide – Tips

Before you start enjoying the Dota 2 Enchantress responses, we must share some important information about the hero. The first one is the fact that she is versatile and can work in many positions. Event though some people will use her as an offlaner, she’s usually a position 4 support capable of farming and ganking.

Speaking of the devil, Enchantress is powerful in the early game and can make a massive difference. She can easily gank enemy heroes because Enchant allows her to get a powerful Neutral Creep. Moreover, the fact that Impetus is available from the get-go allows her to harass her opponents a lot.

Of course, we must address the elephant in the room and mention that Enchantress is extremely fragile. Sure, she can do a lot of damage, but she is weak against heroes who have a lot of burst magical damage. The good news is that her ultimate allows her to survive against most physical damage carries.

In the late game, Enchantress’s role is to do as much damage as possible and try to have a Neutral Creep with a stun. Her healing output, CC, and damage make her a trendy pick in professional games, especially for players like Puppey. 

Enchantress Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

Before you check the Enchantress Dota 2 wiki, here are a few perks and disadvantages.


  • Deals an insane amount of damage for a support
  • Hard to kill unless she plays against spellcasters
  • Can hear herself and her allies
  • Great for ganking early on


  • More than one Enchantress Dota 2 counter
  • Very Squishy


When it comes down to the Enchantress Dota 2 items, there are a couple of important options you need to be aware of.

Starting items

Whether you are a Dota 2 Enchantress support or an offlaner, you need to get a Healing Salve, Tango, and a Wind Lance. This will allow you to harass more and keep being aggressive.

Early game

Depending on her position, Enchantress’s early game items can include Boots of Speed, Urn of Shadows, and a Magic Wand. There are also cases where she can get Infused Raindrops because this will allow her to survive against some of the spellcasters.

Mid game

Enchantress slows her enemies and deals Pure damage with her hits

The Enchantress Dota 2 build for the mid-game can include Dragon Lance, Drums of Endurance, Boots of Speed, and more. Some people even manage to get Aghanim’s Scepter, but this is only possible if she’s an offlaner and has a good game.

Late game

Besides the Dota 2 Enchantress counter items for the mid-game, there are a few interesting options she can get for the late game. This includes Monkey King Bar, Hurricane Pike, HoT, Shiva’s Guard, Scythe of Vyse, Rod of Atos, Assault Cuirass, and more.

Dota 2 Enchantress guide – counter

Despite being an incredibly strong hero, the Dota 2 Enchantress counter can make this hero feel weaker than usual, so let’s learn more about the names you should be aware of.

  • Zeus – One of Dota 2’s best nukers is incredibly effective against Enchantress because of his insane damage output.
  • Tinker – Similar to Zeus, Tinker is excellent because he is also a top-tier nuker. He can also avoid Enchantress because of this range, which is another advantage.
  • Ursa – Despite being a hero that deals physical damage, Ursa’s Overpowered allows her to go through Untouchable and kill this hero really fast.

Final thoughts

Overall, this Enchantress Dota 2 guide has shown that this hero can be incredibly effective in a wide range of situations. She’s better as a position 4 than anything else, but it’s safe to say she’s a versatile hero. That said, besides choosing one of many Dota 2 Enchantress skins, make sure there are no counters because some heroes will make Enchantress feel weak.

Dota 2 Enchantress Guide – Tips and Tricks
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