Dota 2: EHOME wins the Hainan Master Cup

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Dota 2: EHOME wins the Hainan Master Cup

Team EHOME dominated the Dota 2 Hainan Master Cup over the weekend.

There are many tier two Dota 2 tournaments that are being held all the time. Some of them often lure top teams as well, which is precisely what happened with the Hainan Master Cup, a Chinese tournament that was held in Haikou over the weekend.

Two teams definitely stood out in comparison to the others — EHOME and Aster. Both of them will take part in the upcoming MDL Chengdu, which will be the first Major of this DPC. Naturally, this tournament seems like the perfect boot camp for both of them.

In case you didn't know, both of these Chinese powerhouses went through massive roster changes. It seems like they were for the better because both EHOME and Aster are doing great right now.

To make a long story short, EHOME absolutely annihilated the competition. Not only did they finish first, but they also didn't drop a single game while doing it. As a result, Zhao “XinQ” Zixing and his team-mates won around $28k USD. The Chinese team was able to redeem itself after Aster defeated them in qualifiers for the Major.

EHOME looks very strong right now and thus, is one of the favorites for the Chengdu Major title. However, they still need to prove themselves against the western teams.

Dota 2: EHOME wins the Hainan Master Cup
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