Dota 2: EG Releases its Entire Roster

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Dota 2: EG Releases its Entire Roster

Evil Geniuses announces it's departure from Dota 2's professional scene.

Following the disappointing result at The International 11, Evil Geniuses made a drastic decision. The official information says that the organization has decided to drop its entire Dota 2 roster.

The International 11

Evil Geniuses had no problems qualifying for The International 11, which is why people expected the team to show what it’s capable of. While it is true that Arteezy and the rest dominated in the Group Stage, EG crumbled after that.

The NA powerhouse secured a slot in the Upper Bracket, but it lost its first series against Thunder Awaken. What was even more disappointing is that EG lost the subsequent series in the LB versus beastcoast. Following the two losses from the South Americans, NA’s strongest Dota 2 team was eliminated from the event.

The aftermath

Needless to say, no one liked EG’s results because the team has some of the best individual players. EG’s owners seem to think the same because they’ve announced that they are dropping their entire Dota 2 roster. In other words, Arteezy and the rest are now free agents. 

This decision might be shocking to some fans, but most people expected it. EG hasn’t had much success lately and didn’t win anything big. Despite making some roster changes, the team is no match for the best in South America, not alone in Western Europe.

Speaking of SA, EG’s CEO announced that the organization would focus on this region in the future. According to his statement, the “opportunity and grittiness of the South American Dota scene is unparalleled. 

That said, the South American Dota 2 scene is heavily dominated by two teams – beastcoast and Thunder Awaken. They made some roster changes, but in the end, the best players still remained a part of the specific teams. It will be interesting to see which players EG will go for.


Evil Geniuses has always been regarded as North America's best Dota 2 team. The organization has had some of the best individual Dota 2 players in the world and achieved tons of success. Unsurprisingly, its most notable performance was its success at The International 5. 

Sadly, the club hasn’t had a lot of success in the last couple of years. Arteezy and the rest have always been among the best in North America, but this is not the case on the international stage. Hopefully, EG’s new roster will restore this organization’s former glory and prove that it is the best in the world.

As for the current EG”s roster, we are yet to see whether the players will stick together and find a new organization. Players like Arteezy have been with EG since 2016, so it will be hard for him to find a new home.

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Dota 2: EG Releases its Entire Roster
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