Dota 2: EG Draw Their Way To The Lower Bracket of The AniMajor

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Dota 2: EG Draw Their Way To The Lower Bracket of The AniMajor

Let’s have a closer look at EG’s run through the Group Stage at the AniMajor.

Evil Geniuses have had their fair share of action in the AniMajor. The team drew five of their seven games series in the Group Stages of the competition and qualified to the Lower Bracket of the major.


EG started their journey with a 2-0 win against TNC Predator. However, that was the only series the North American side could take throughout their Group Stage fights. EG drew series against Team Spirit, Vici Gaming, beastcoast, Nigma and Team Liquid. PSG.LGD stomped EG 2-0 on Day 3 of the tournament.

There is an interesting fact to note in the series EG played. Although most of the games the team played were drawn, it was the second match out of the Best of 2 which EG was losing most of the time. In fact, the only time EG came back after a loss was against Team Spirit on Day 1. This could just be a coincidence, it will interest most of the viewers to see how the team performs in the Playoffs.


The members of Evil Geniuses huddle around the PC monitor as team Captain Tal "Fly" Aizik selects the draft

So far EG have been consistent with picks on their support and offlane heroes. Revolving around Lion as the support and Mars as the offlaner. That is partly because both those heroes are popular in the meta and are currently the topmost picked heroes. However, both Lion and Mars synergize well with most heroes in Dota and have great skill sets to set up fights and counter ganks. We have seen a wide hero pool from Arteezy in the Group Stages, including heroes like Terrorblade, Medusa, Arc Warden, Faceless Void and even Viper.

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EG In Playoffs

It is near impossible to predict how EG will perform in the Playoffs. Although they strain themselves into making mistakes in big games, they performed incredibly well in the Singapore Major and played the Grand Finals. It won’t be a surprise if the North American side comes out with some tricks up their sleeve with exceptionally talented and experienced players that they have. They will either face their local rivals Quincy Crew or neighbors NoPing e-sports in the Lower Bracket of Playoffs. The former being a tougher yet familiar opponent for EG.

Don't forget to catch all the action from the Playoffs live on Twitch from June 9!

Feature Images: WePlay Esports/Evil Geniuses

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