Dota 2 EEU Tour 3 Division I and II Overview – Week 3

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Dota 2 EEU Tour 3 Division I and II Overview – Week 3

The action in Eastern Europe continues for the third week in a row. Here's our recap of this week's Dota 2 EEU Tour 3.

After a couple of epic clashes, we can already see a few teams that stand out and a couple that are yet to show what they’re capable of. Week 3 allowed us to watch the epic fight between Natus Vincere and the Outsiders. Even though this was the most anticipated series, there were a couple of additional matches that turned out to be fun. That’s why we will take a look at them in this article.


Division II

HYDRA vs No Sorry

There are a couple of teams in Division II that have a solid chance to join Division I, and one of them is HYDRA. Despite losing the first series against Nemiga, the team won vs Team Empire, which put them in a perfect position. Sadly, they couldn’t take advantage of it because No Sorry ripped through them.

The first game was a living hell for Ruslan “Askold” Temiraliyev and the rest. The team lost in just 25 minutes after No Sorry’s aggressive lineup crushed it. Thanks to Marci and Slardar, the CIS team secured tons of kills for their Ember Spirit and Juggernaut. Needless to say, these two heroes are almost unstoppable to be killed once they gain a substantial lead. 

Game 2

After the loss in game one, HYDRA changed their draft and focused on an Ursa strat. This worked initially, but it was not enough to prevent them from losing. 

Despite not having Ember Spirit in its draft, Kıyalbek “dream” Tayirov and the rest used Invoker and Tidehunter. These two heroes and their “wombo-combo” abilities definitely caught their opponents off guard. Even though Ursa had a good game, the hero couldn’t do anything against this lineup.

Division I

BB Team vs Rune Eaters

After BB Team’s stellar performance during ESL One Stockholm 2022, the team became one of the big favorites in CIS  for one of the major slots. However, the team already lost its first series against Na’Vi, so it had to avoid making any more mistakes.

Even though it was not easy, BB Team defeated their opponent Rune Eaters and secured a second victory in Division I. It all started with game one, where Akbar “SoNNeikO” Butaev and the rest of his team got their hands on their signature Nature’s Prophet. Even though RE tried to counter this hero with Zeus and Sand King, even this was not enough to stop him from dominating.

Game 2

Following the dominant victory in game one, BB Team had another chance to use their Furion. However, they made several big mistakes that allowed Rune Eaters to rip through them. Despite BB Team’s efforts to split push, their opponents’ Medusa and Visage were too strong, allowing them to bounce back.

Game 3

The final game between these two teams was the longest and the most interesting one yet. It lasted 52 minutes, during which we had the chance to see the infamous IO and Tiny combo, as well as a Weaver carry.

Even though the game lasted for almost one hour, BB Team was in the driving seat for more than 30 minutes. The team gained a substantial advantage with their KOTL mid and Weaver carry, which allowed them to pressure their enemies and prevent them from farming.

Rune Eaters had a glimmer of hope after killing BB Team once, but the damage was not enough to win the game. In the end, SoNNeiKO and the rest won the match.

Na’Vi vs Outsiders

This was without a doubt the most exciting series this week because it put together Na’Vi and Outsiders. Both teams are among the favorites to get one of the slots for the PGL Arlington Major 2022. Virtus.Pro did not lose a single game so far, whereas Na’Vi was unable to defeat Team Spirit during week 2.

Game 1

We expected both games to be back and forth because the two teams are evenly matched. However, Natus Vincere was clearly the better option in both games and did not allow their opponents to utilize their drafts.

As expected, Na’Vi’s pick in game one was better and the team used it wisely. Outsiders relied on Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev’s Terrorblade to carry them. However, VP’s prodigy could not find the needed space to get the items he needed.

Na’Vis’s disciplined lineup did everything right, which allowed them to rip through their opponents. The team had a massive 15 net worth lead just 25 minutes after the start. Although Outsiders tried to win a team fight near their T3 towers, everything went wrong for RAMZESS666 and co, so they’ve used the GG call.

Game 2

We expected VP to come back into game two stronger than ever and bounce back in the series. Sadly, things did not go as planned because Na’Vi gave their opponents no chance of winning.

Despite having TA and MK, Outsiders could not bring down the tanky yet aggressive draft from Alexey “Solo” Berezin and the rest. Outsiders’ glimmer of hope was their Roshan kill near the 15th minute of the game. However, Solo managed to snatch the Aegis, which was enough to give his team a huge advantage.

Even though Outsiders tried to keep up with their opponents in terms of net worth, Na’Vi’s Medusa was getting bigger and bigger. In the end, the hero became too strong for their opponents and allowed Na’Vi to win this epic series.

Team Spirit vs Rune Eaters

The last series of the week that we had the chance to watch was between Team Spirit and Rune Eaters. On paper, TI 10 winners were the big favorites, but they had to work a lot to win this game.

We didn’t expect the first map between the two to last almost one hour because RE picked an Alchemist. Usually, the games with Alchemist are pretty fast because the hero takes over and wins. 

Even though RE had the lead early on, Team Spirit managed to hold the aggression and eventually become stronger than their mid-laner. Consequently, the team won the first match of the series.

Game 2

The second match was not like the first one because it only lasted 22 minutes. This time, Team Spirit ripped through their enemies and won the game with little to no effort.

Team Spirit is in a good position to win the DPC after the victory.

Dota 2 EEU Tour 3 Division I and II Overview – Week 3
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