Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood Official Trailer Released

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Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood Official Trailer Released

The main trailer of Dragon’s Blood, an anime made by Netflix and Dota 2 is now out.

The Dragon’s Blood anime is based on Davion, popularly known in-game as Dragon Knight. Valve had first released a couple of teaser trailers, building the hype and spreading the word about their new anime series in conjunction with Netflix.

It was important for Valve and Netflix to consider the spread of Dota’s fan base across the world. In view of the region and language differences, the anime will be voiced in 12 different languages. These include English, Russian, Japanese, Filipino, Thai, Indonesian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish (Neutral), Spanish (Castilian), French, German and Italian.

The new trailer gives away more information about the story and how the anime series will look in animation. The trailer reassures the inclusion of heroes like Mirana, Luna and Invoker apart from Dragon Knight.

The Dota fan base is excited and so are the big organizations who make up Dota esports.

The anime series will be streaming from March 25 on Netflix.

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