Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood – Everything We Know From Teaser Trailer

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Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood – Everything We Know From Teaser Trailer

Lots of dragons and fire.

Netflix has released a “mood teaser” for the second season of Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood. The new season already has a lot of fans hyped for the anime's comeback. We showcase what we found exciting in the new teaser trailer.

The Hype In The Dragon’s Blood Season 2 Teaser

The introduction of Lina In the new teaser trailer is probably the most important highlight of the entire video. That’s not a surprise, since no one expected Lina to be a part of the series, but more Dota 2 heroes means more relativity to the actual game.

The firey red-head, Lina appears in the Dragon's Blood anime series, using her iconic flame move; Dragon's Slave

In the particular scene, Lina seems to be adamant in getting Davion back from Slyrak, the ancient Ember Eldwurm who had taken over the young Dragon Knight. We see Lina use something similar to her first ability in the Dota 2 game. It can’t be a complete coincidence that the ability is named “Dragon Slave” in Dota 2. It looks like Lina will be the key to Davion’s comeback. According to the video, the protagonist has lost his identity and Slyrak has completely consumed him.

We also see two unidentifiable dragons fight each other, one of which looks to breathe ice or a blue-colored flame. Nonetheless, it looks like a cool scene from the anime.

The new season will be available on Netflix in January, 2022. And we're expecting an exact date closer to the end of the year.

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