Dota 2 DPC Western Europe Division II Week 3 Recap

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Dota 2 DPC Western Europe Division II Week 3 Recap

These are the results after the final week of the 2023 DPC Tour 1 Division II.

After watching the first 2 weeks of the 2023 DPC Division II action, it is time to focus on the action from last week. Week 3 was as interesting as a result but way more important because teams had to decide which would secure a Division II slot and which would be eliminated.

We expected at least a few shocking results, so we weren’t surprised that some matches ended as they did. Speaking of the devil, we even got to see Tiebreakers, so let’s check out everything that happened.

Alliance won 2 series 

Before the beginning of the matches in the 2023 DPC Division II, we expected Alliance to have no problems in Division II. However, the results from Week 1 proved otherwise because s4 and the rest had loads of problems. 

With that said, the team bounced back in week 2 and continued its dominance in Week 3. The first one was against Water Rune Enjoyers, one of the 2 teams that will be eliminated from the DPC.

We weren’t surprised that this squad didn’t have any problems in bot games because they had a better draft on each map. However, Game 2 was slightly more interesting than the first one because of the heroes both teams went for.

After defeating WER, Alliance’s second challenge of the day was IVY. This was definitely a more interesting series because the latter defeated Team Bald before that and wanted to keep its chances of a top 2 finish. Sadly, the result against Alliance wasn’t good, so IVY won’t be able to compete for Division I.

The first match was very intense, especially in the late game. IVY’s Terrorblade and Leshrac looked extremely dangerous, but Alliance’s experience helped the team prevail. It seems like the loss in Game 1 was painful for IVY because the team couldn’t recover in game 2. In fact, it picked a very greedy draft, which allowed Alliance to win the match in just 28 minutes.

Monaspa also won 2 matches

In addition to Alliance, the second team that most people expected to perform really well during the 2023 DPC Western Europe Division II matches was Monaspa. Despite being a newcomer in Division II, the squad consists of several top players, including dEsire and SsaSpartan.

Following the somewhat shaky performance of the team after Weeks 1 and 2, Moonaspa won 2 series in Week 3. This allowed them the chance to compete and take part in the Tiebreaker against 2 other top teams.

Speaking of winnings, Monaspa defeated Ancient Tribe in its first series of the week. The two matches weren’t that interesting because neither team wanted to take unnecessary risks. However, Monaspa was better in both games and deserved its victory.

After the first series of the week, Monaspa’s second clash was against Team Bald Reborn.  The latter hasn’t been lucky, to say the least, and lost all of its series before this one. Sadly, the same happened here.

TBR didn’t do anything special in the first game, but the squad’s decision to pick Spectre in the second match made Monaspa’s life a living hell. Although they had a better late-game draft, killing Spectre was easier said than done. As a result, Game 2 between the two squads lasted for 68 minutes.

Oorendoo Thunders continued with its amazing performance

There are a couple of teams in the 2023 Western Europe DPC Division II that surprised is al ot, and Oorendoo Thunders is among them. No one expected the newcomers in Division II to put up a challenge, but No!ob and the rest were almost flawless.

After the impressive results in Week 1 and Week 2, the squad also won 3 series in the third week. Consequently, it became one of the teams that secured a slot for Division I.

OT started its successful journey against IVY with an easy 0-2 victory. Although their opponents got their hands on Leshrac in both games, the disco pony wasn’t enough for them to win.

After the success against IVY, Oorendoo Thunders had an easy task of going up against D2 Hustlers. This was one of the most important series yet because these 2 teams were competitors for the Division I slot.

The series was amazing because it gave us access to 3 epic games, 2 of which lasted for more than 1 hour. D2 Hustlers got the lead in the match, but this didn’t last long because their opponents bounced back and won the second and third maps. The last one was more interesting because we got to see a late-game Morphling going up against Enigma’s Black Hole.

The last challenge for Oorendoo Thunders was none other than Team Bald Reborn. Even though we expected the latter to be one of the main competitors for Division I, the squad finished without winning a single match. Sadly, it couldn’t change that in its last series as OT ripped through it.


After the end of all of Division II matches, it was time to watch 3 Tiebreakers. Alliance, Monaspa and D2 Hustlers had to decide which one of them would receive the last sport for Division I.

Although we expected Alliance to have no problems, the team wasn’t able to win the first match. The deadly Bo1 series in the Tiebreaker didn’t end well for Alliance because Monaspa’s Viper and Drow Ranger combo was too strong for them.

Speaking of winning, Monaspa also defeated D2 Hustlers. The game was over 1 hour long, but it was incredibly fun to watch and full of epic fights. Although D2 Hustler’s late-game setup with Medusa looked so much better on paper, in reality, Monaspa’s OD and Lycan draft came on top and allowed the team to win yet another match.

After losing the one-hour-long game, D2 Hustlers also lost the match versus Alliance. Despite the solid start, s4’s Slark and Leshrac draft proved to be too strong. Sadly, even this wasn't enough for the squad to qualify for Division I, which means we'll see them in Division II for Tour 2.

Dota 2 DPC Western Europe Division II Week 3 Recap
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