Dota 2 DPC Western Europe Division II Week 2 Overview

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Dota 2 DPC Western Europe Division II Week 2 Overview

We round up all the highlights from Week 1 of WEU's DPC 2023 Division II.

Week 1 of the WEU DPC Division II ended, meaning there were 2 more weeks to go. Unsurprisingly, this one was crucial because some teams had to win their matches in order to keep their chances of qualifying for Division I or surviving in Division II. That’s why we weren’t surprised that some of the series was really epic.

Now that the dust has settled, it is time to learn more about some of the results that definitely surprised us. We have just one week until Division II comes to an end and just 2 weeks until the beginning of The Lima Major, so make sure to follow for more information.

With that out of the way, let’s go through some of the most intriguing results.

Oorendoo Thunders continued their winning streak

The first series of the day was between Water Rune Enjoyers and Oorendoo Thunders. The latter secured their place in Division II from the Closed Qualifiers, which is why people didn’t expect them to shine. However, No!ob and the rest won 2 crucial series during the first week and started the second one with an impressive victory.

In the first series of Week 2 of the 2023 Western European DPC, OT defeated their opponents after 2 epic games. In the first one, TA2000 and the rest had got a Drow strat with Batrider, which allowed them to win in 34 minutes. Even though the team expected the same to happen in the second game, things were different. 

After an epic 50-minute battle, OT’s Naga and SD combo eventually prevailed, Their opponents relied on the big Black Hole to carry them, but they didn’t have the needed firepower to deal with the annoying Naga and lost the match.

D2 Hustlers defeated Ancient Tribe

AA is one of the teams many people pay close attention to because they think they will be one of the squads that will reach Division I. However, it seems like this won’t be the case because lil pleb and the rest lost another game.

The series against D2 Hustlers started well for the Bulgarian carry and his team because the team won the first map. It definitely wasn’t easy, but AA’s draft was really good against the enemy Naga and allowed the team to take the lead.

The bad news is that this didn’t last long because D2 Hustlers bounced back in the second and third games. The second one was very easy for Shad and co. because the team had a better draft against their opponents.

As for game 3, both teams changed their draft, but in the end, it was D2 Hustlers that prevailed. AA had their chances of winning, but the team missed their timing, which allowed their opponents’ Spectre and SF to become way too strong. In the end, this was enough to win the match.

AT also lost against Alliance


Following the loss against D2 Hustlers, it was time for Lil Pleb and his squad to step up their game if they wanted to win against Alliance. The latter already made 2 mistakes during Week 1, so they had to win this match if they wanted to save their chances of qualifying for Division I.

Even though we saw a fantastic series that had 3 games, in the end, Alliance was victorious. S4 and the rest lost the first map because of Ancient Tribe’s Drow strat, but the team had no problems in the subsequent two games.


The second one started really well for Alliance, and the team used their incredible momentum and ripped through their opponents in just 35 minutes. The same happened in game 3, even though Alliance did not have the best start. With that said, the Zeus and Nature’s Prophet tactic worked really well, and the team won the match.

IVY also defeated Ancient Tribe

Week 2 of the Western Euripe 2023 DPC Division II was not something that Ancient Tribe will want to remember. After losing its first 2 series of the week, the team’s final task was to go against IVY. 

The first game between the two looked perfect for Ancient Tribe, especially after the laning stage. Sadly, a major mistake prevented the squad from using its lead to win. Unsurprisingly, IVY took advantage of the situation and got into the lead.

After missing out on the first game, Ancient Tribe was eager to win the second match, and in the end, the team succeeded. Thanks to the Medusa and Leshrac combo, Ancient Trive easily countered IVY’s Enigma and Luna setup. The squad needed 36 minutes to bounce back and equalize the series. 

IVY and Ancient Tribe were eager to win the third game of the match, which is why the two teams got some of their best heroes. With that said, Fabian “Mo13ei” Knehr and the rest were the better team and won the match, as well as the series. 

Alliance also defeated Team Bald


The last challenge for Alliance was Team Bald, a squad they’d faced before. As mentioned, this series was crucial for S4 and the rest because the team had to overcome 2 losses in the first week. Fortunately, TI 3’s champions lived up to the expectations because they won all 3 series, including this one.

Game 1 between these two powerhouses will go down in history because it was a 70-minute epic battle. As you can expect, the match was full of epic moments, but Alliance’s Faceless Void and his big ultimate were too strong in the ultra-late game. Void is among the best hero in these situations, and Alliance used him to his full potential.

Playing again after losing a 70-minute game is not easy, so we weren’t surprised that Team Bald Reborn lost the second map. Even though it had a better draft, Alliance was way more motivated to win, which is why the team defeated its opponents after just 30 minutes of play.

Dota 2 DPC Western Europe Division II Week 2 Overview
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