Dota 2: DPC South America Tour 2: Week 6 Recap

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Dota 2: DPC South America Tour 2: Week 6 Recap

This was the last week of the DPC in every region (apart from Eastern Europe), making it important for many teams. After six weeks of fantastic series across the globe, we know the names of every team that will attend the upcoming Major. With that being said, we also know the Dota 2 squads that will have to play in Division II, as well as those who will no longer be a part of the DPC.

Despite the fact that Dota 2 fans often overlook South America, this is one of the reasons where we saw the most interesting comebacks. While it is true that BC and TA dominated in almost every match, there were several epic events.

Since many people are interested in learning more about what happened during week 6 of Tour 2 in South America, this article will point out all the vital information. 

Infamous vs APU King of Kings

On paper, this match was not that intriguing because both teams had no chance of securing a slot for the Major. However, these two teams had to decide which one would go to Division II for Tour 3 alongside Balrogs. Needless to say, this made the series a match of “life and death”.

Even though both teams gave everything they had, Infamous had a better draft in both games and definitely deserved the victory. APU decided to focus on the late game in the first map, so they've picked Timber, Medusa, and Mirana. Although INF had Terroblade, the SA roster decided to get Tiny and play aggressively.

There were a few hiccups along the way, but in the end, Infamous secured tons of important kills and objectives. Those things did not allow APU’s Medusa to get the needed farm.

Game two

After losing the first game of the series, APU was one game away from going to Division I. Consequently, the team decided to get the heroes they were most comfortable with. After an intense laning stage, APU got TA and DK, whereas INF had Tiny and Storm.

The laning stage and the mid-game were even because neither team wanted to make any unnecessary mistakes. Storm Spirit got several kills that allowed the hero to snowball, but TA’s amazing farming speed kept APU in the game.

Sadly, even the right-clicking monster was not powerful enough to withstand the pressure of Infamous. In the end, Infamous’s deadly combo secured many significant kills and, ultimately, the series.

Following the victory, INF finished sixth in Division I, which means they will play in the same division. Sadly, APU was unable to live up to the expectations and will have to play in Division II.

Thunder Awaken vs beastcoast

This was THE series that everyone expected to see in South America. Thunder Awaken and beastcoast are the two most dominant teams in the region, and they are the two main forces that can potentially defeat the best in Europe, SEA, and China.

Besides the fact that we had the chance to watch the best in the region, this series was really important because the winner would secure himself one of the two sports for the Major. After two epic games, TA became the first South American team to go to Stockholm.

Game 1

BC decided to use some of their most comfortable heroes in game one, which is why the team picked Phantom Lancer and DP. Although their draft looked better on paper, a very smart pick around MK gave Thunder Awaken the victory.

The laning stage was even because both teams exchanged a couple of kills. This even continued during the mid-game, despite the fact that TA had almost twice more kills.

Everything looked okay for the leaders in Division I, especially after Herrera Martínez “Darkmago” Oswaldo Gonzalo and his MK got an Aegis. However, a terrible fight after that almost allowed BC to bounce back. 

Sadly, BC did not take advantage of the situation and lost a crucial fight in the bot lane. This gave TA the needed advantage and the team got the lead.

Game 2

BC was not happy that they lost game one, so they decided to use an interesting draft in the second game. It looked good on paper, but Thunder Awaken got their hands on some of their best heroes, such as Ember and Luna.

Like in the first game of the match, everything was even, at least in the early and mid-game. However, things started to look bad for Elvis “Scofield” De la Cruz Peña and the rest because Timbersaw became too strong to deal with. This also gave Luna more space to farm.

BC had no way of killing TA’s deadly cores, so they decided to use the GG call just 22 minutes after the start of the game. This victory secured Thunder Awaken’s spot in the Major, and it sent BC to the tiebreaker, where the team had to face Hokori.



The final match that we had the chance to watch was between BC and Hokori, and it was for the second place in Division I. Needless to say, this was extremely important because the winner would join TA in Stockholm.

People expected BC to win and the team was successful, but it wasn’t a walk in the park. In fact, Hokoroi played better than people expected because the team won game one with little to no effort.

BC’s roster looked good on paper, but the team made many mistakes early on that allowed their opponents to gain a good lead. In the end, Tiny and Kunkka were too powerful for BC to kill, and Hokoroi gained the lead.

Game Two

After losing game one, Elvis “Scofield” De la Cruz Peña and the rest decided to get some of their best heroes. We had the chance to see a classic mid-matchup between Storm and Shadow Fiend, as well as many other meta heroes.

The early and mid-game was pretty even, but BC’s cores slowly gained a comfortable lead over their opponents. The team knew that it had to play against the clock, so it decided to start pushing. Unsurprisingly, beastcoast used Shadow Fiend’s advantage and pushed heavily once he got a few items. In the end, this was enough to equalize the series and allows us to watch a game three.

Game Three

The third game of the series has rough for beastcoast because they had to bounce back. Despite having Storm Sporoit, Hokori’s constant rotations did not let the hero use his full potential. Consequently, one of the best teams in South America had to rely on their Sven.

Things were not looking good for Scofield and his teammates, but Sven is one of the few heroes in Dota 2 capable of defeating CK in a late-game scenario. After numerous fights, the hero carried his team to victory and allowed BC to win the second spot for the Stockholm Major.

Dota 2: DPC South America Tour 2: Week 6 Recap
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