DOTA 2: DPC South America Tour 2: Division I & Division II Week 2 Results

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DOTA 2: DPC South America Tour 2: Division I & Division II Week 2 Results

The action in South America is always fun and unpredictable, making it one of the most exciting regions to watch. Although SA does not have as many big names as WEU or NA, most teams here are fun and have what it takes to win big events.

With that being said, the third week in Division I and Division II gave us the chance to watch some memorable matches. Although we are yet to see TA and BC against each other, several series were worth it, so let’s check them out.


Division I

Balrogs vs Thunder Awaken

Everyone expected Thunder Awaken to dominate the South American region yet again, and it seems like the team is on the right path. After winning the first two series, Herrera “Darkmago” Martínez Oswaldo Gonzalo and the rest won yet another game. This time, their opponents were Balrogs.

People expected TA to win easily, but Balrogs put up a good challenge. The two games were close, but TA’s Ogre helped them win both games. The second game was fun because Snapfire and Void managed to utilize their deadly combo and caught their opponents off guard.

Infinity vs APU King of Kings


The second match of the week was between APU and Infinity. Judging by these two teams’ results, they will have to compete for their survival in Division II. Hence, this match was really important.

Even though APU won the first game in just 31 minutes, the team was unable to show its prowess in game two and game three. Kaue “dunha1” Gabriel Camuci de Lima and the rest lost the second game, despite having the better pick. Infinity’s brute force allowed them to tank tons of damage and gained a huge advantage.

After winning game two with the same draft, the team decided to pick similar heroes in the third game of the series. This time, Infinity had even fewer problems because APU lost the laning stage. This gave the South American team enough time to secure a comfortable lead and win the series.

Lava vs BC


BC has always been the force that everyone reckons with in South America. After winning the first Regional Finals, this team is yet to lose a series. This week, BC defeated Lava after two fantastic games. Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales almost lost game one because Lava’s draft was good. Fortunately, several bad mistakes and the fact that PL was too fat allowed them to win.

It seems like the loss was demoralizing because BC had almost no issues in game two. Lava’s draft was very solid on paper, but Medusa, QoP, and Axe were unable to do what was expected from them. BC was in the lead from the beginning and they managed to win another important game.


Balrogs vs Infamous


It looks like Balrogs will have a lot of problems on this tour. After three weeks of games, Sebastian Cerralta “Robo-Z” Velarde and the rest are yet to win a single series. After losing against TA, Balrogs also lost against Infamous.

Both games were easy for INF because they’ve dominated since the beginning. Balrogs decided to focus on the late game, so they got heroes like Medusa and Gyro. With that being said, INF used Storm in both of their games, which allowed them to snowball quickly. After around an hour in total, INF won the series, which means they still have a theoretical chance of securing the first two sports in the group.

Hokori vs APU King of Kings


APU almost made it to the Reginal Finals during Tour 1, so most of us expected the team to show its prowess yet again. Sadly, it seems like the players have some problems because they’ve lost another series this week.

Following the loss against infinity, APU had to go up against Hokori. The latter is playing well and is currently third in Division I after winning in this three-game thriller.

Interestingly, João “4nalog” Gabriel Giannini and the rest picked Zeus in the first game of the series, although they had to play against Nyx Assassin. Hokori won the first game and gained a lead in the series despite the bad matchup.

Sadly, their success was short-lived because APU bounced back in game two. This led to an amazing game three, which lasted almost one hour. Despite APU’s impressive team fight capabilities, their opponents had a better late-game setup and won the series.


Division II

Gorillaz-Pride v Dream


Gorillaz-Pride and Dream was the first match in Division II, which was great because both of them had one win and one loss. Most people expected a three-game thriller, but this was not the case. Isaac “Drakeel” Zavaleta and co. dominated in both games, especially in the second one.

G-Pride’s pick in the first game was interesting, but it was too greedy because the team got three cores that required a lot of farm. After losing game one, the roster decided to focus on mid-game skirmishes, so they got Undying, DP, and MK. Sadly, the IO and Gyro combo, combined with Ogre and Batrider from Dream was more than enough to stomp their opponents.

Omega vs Ravens

Omega Gaming and Ravens are the two teams that are yet to show their prowess. Although the game between them doesn’t seem attractive on paper, it will probably play a key role for both teams because they will try to fight for their survival.

Omega picked exciting drafts in both maps, but they were not strong enough to defeat Ravens. The latter used strong late-game monsters and managed to defeat their enemies.

Wolf Team vs NoPing Esports


One of the surprised of the weeks was the match between Wolf Team and NoPing Esports. Despite being the heavy favorites, NoPing e-sports lost both games, which will most likely have an effect on their attempts to secure the first spot in Division I.

Luna and Pick gave NoPing’s TB and Storm no chances of winning game two. With that being said, the second game was more interesting because Drow Ranger and Ember Spirt gave Adriano de Paula “4dr” Machado and co. a tough time.

Despite their efforts, Storm Spirit and IO were able to snowball and win crucial fights. In the end, Wolf Team defeated their opponents and won their second team.

SG vs Dream

Despite Dream’s impressive victory in game one, the team was completely demolished in the second and third games of the series. The second one lasted only 13 minutes and 59 seconds, making it the fastest game in the DPC so far.

After losing game two, Dream also lost the third one, but this time, they’ve survived for 21 minutes. The victory gave SG esports the second sport in Division I.

Omega vs Interitus


The final series was between Interitus and Omega. Most people who follow the South American Dota 2 scene expected Omega to win, so the final result did not come as a surprise. Jeremy “Jeimari” Ruiz Aguinaga and the rest played better and deserved to win this match.

DOTA 2: DPC South America Tour 2: Division I & Division II Week 2 Results
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