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All the action from Week 5 in the South American DPC.

Slowly but steadily, Tour 2 in South America is coming to an end. Some of the teams here exceeded most peoples’ expectations, whereas others failed to impress. This is especially true for Division II, which turned out to be the more interesting one to watch.

Division I was also fun, but BC and TA’s dominance did not allow anyone else to shine. With that being said, there were a few fantastic games this week, so let’s go over them.

Division I

Lava vs Infinity

Even though BC and TA secured themselves the two South American sports for the upcoming Major, there is one team that has some chances of overthrowing them. Lava is one of the rosters that seems to be a lot more potent than it seems, especially after defeating Infinity.

The series between the two was more exciting than anyone expected. Lava lost the first game after picking Weaver in the carry role. The team tried to use a different tactic, but their picks and bans did not work. Infinity had the chance to play QoP, TA, Undying, and Timbersaw in the same game. As expected, the team had no problems against their opponents and gained a slight lead.

After game one, we witnessed one of the fastest games in professional Dota 2. Lava equalized the series just seven minutes after the start of game two. Due to technical difficulties, Infinity had to give up and play game three.

Lava didn’t want to make the same mistakes as in game one, which is why the team picked different heroes. It seems like Storm and Sven's pick was good because the team had almost no problems against Infinity’s draft. Despite the several stuns and disables, Storm Spirit had a fantastic game and gave his team the victory.

BC vs Infamous

One of the most exciting matches of the week was the clash between beastcoast and Infamous. Even though Jean Pierre “Chris Luck” Gonzales and co. were the big favorites because they hadn’t lost a single game yet, they failed to live up to the expectations.

Infamous played one of their best series so far and delivered BC’s first loss in Tour 2. The team had a bizarre draft in game one that was heavily focused on the late game. Curiously, BC also picked a few heroes that stand out, such as Viper and Void.

The team that won the Regional Finals last time played well, but they couldn’t secure a comfortable lead to shut down INF’s TB. As expected, this hero took full advantage of the situation and ripped through BC’s lineups. This gave the team the lead in the series.

After the loss, beastcoast changed their draft and picked Storm, LC, and CK. Sadly, their greedy defensive lineup couldn’t do anything against Templar Assassin and Sand King. Although BC’s roster looked strong on paper, it was unable to do anything. The laning stage went terrible, which allowed Infamous to dominate. After just 30 minutes, INF secured the victory and delivered BC their first loss.

TA vs Apu

The final series in Division I that we want to highlight was between TA and Apu. Following BC’s loss in their match against Infamous, Farith “Matthew” Puente and the rest had the opportunity to become the leaders in their division. As expected, the team took full advantage of this chance and dominated in this match.

APU made the mistake of letting their opponents pick Tiny and Templar Assassin. These two heroes have proven themselves to be among the best in the current meta, so it wasn’t surprising that TA had little to no problems. APU’s draft was heavily focused on their Morphling because the hero had the potential to carry them. Sadly, even the robust late-game carry was unable to show his prowess because TA utilized their mid-game power.

After winning the first game, TA was motivated to do the same in the second game of the series because this would allow them to qualify for the first Major. After several picks and bans, Thunder Awaken grabbed TA once again. What’s even more impressive was that they also got Ogre and Mars.

APU’s Storm and Skywrath draft were not powerful enough to defeat some of the best heroes in the current meta. TA knew they had a better draft, so they utilized it to its full potential even during the laning stage. Slowly, their Templar Assassin got Desolator and Blink, which allowed him two two-shot APU’s “paper” supports.

In the end, the damage output was too much for Kaue “dunha1” Gabriel Camuci de Lima to deal with, which led to another painful loss. After losing, APU is now in seventh place in Division I, just one point above Balrogs. This means the club’s next match against Infamous will decide whether they will survive in Division I.

Division II

Ravens vs Wolf Team

Judging by the recent results, Wolf Team is going to be one of the favorites for Division I. The team had a few fantastic matches in the last couple of weeks as it bounced back after losing in Week 1.

Diego “SexyFat” Barini Santamaria and the rest won their latest match against Ravens after playing well in both games. The first match lasted for almost 42 minutes, which allowed us to watch the powerful Lifestealer in action. This hero is often picked against Tiny because of his serious damage. 

After several back-and-forth team fights, Wolf got a slight lead that gave their DK and Timbersaw enough time to get a couple of items. This made the heroes too tanky for Tiny, and Ravens lost game one.

Interestingly, in game two, Raven tried to counter Wofl’s Storm Spirit by picking Anti-Mage. However, their tactic did not work because AM could not accumulate the farm he needed to thrive. Wolf was aware that they had to play against the clock, which is why they started pushing as soon as possible. In the end, they won several fights and gained a significant lead that prevented AM from farming.

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