Dota 2: DPC South America Regional Finals Upper Bracket Round 1

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Dota 2: DPC South America Regional Finals Upper Bracket Round 1

Results from Round 1 of the Upper Bracket in South America's DPC Regional Finals.

South America was one of the regions where people had access to an impressive number of events. Some of the matches were really fun to watch, especially when Thunder Predator (Thunder Awaken) was involved. No one expected this team to dominate, but it had little to no problems in all of its matches.

After losing only one game in Division 1, TP secured itself first place in the division and delivered a clear message that these players are among the best. Besides TP, the second team that managed to secure a sport for the Regional Finals is Infamous. The latter used to be the best in South America for several years, but it was unable to defeat the mighty TP.

In addition to the two big names in the region, the Regional Finals will also feature beastcoast and APU King of Kings. These two rosters were on the edge of not qualifying, but after winning several important matches, they managed to obtain a slot.

Thunder Awaken vs APU King of Kings

The first match of the day in the Regional Finals in South America put together two amazing teams. Even though everyone expected Tunder Awakenen to win, APU is one of the rosters that can explode at any given time. That’s why many people were eager to see what would happen.

Despite the fact that Thunder Awaken managed to win, it definitely wasn’t a walk in the park. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting things that happened in each of the three games.

Game One

The first game between the two teams was more interesting than people expected. TA decided to pick heroes that allowed them to be really aggressive because they had to go up against Terroblade. Needless to say, no one wants to play against this hero in the late game, which is why the roster had to do everything it could to prevent this from happening.

After securing a couple of kills early on, TA managed to gain a significant advantage over its opponents. Terroblade was the only hero with some farm on APU’s side, but he was not enough to withstand the pressure. After securing several team fights, Herrera “Darkmago” Martínez Oswaldo Gonzalo and the rest managed to win game one and gain an advantage in the series. The team had around 30 kills advantage and more than 20k net worth lead before their opponents decided to use the GG call.

Game Two

After dominating the first game of the series, TA was unable to show the same performance in the second game of the series. The team decided to get Void and Bane, two heroes that have proven themselves in the current meta. Sadly, this was not enough to secure themselves a second victory.

Despite the team’s explosive start, APU King of Kings managed to win several important team fights, which gave their Ursa the chance to get the Aegis. This was where things became hard for TA because they had no way to bring down the mighty bear.

TA managed to bounce back and even got a slight lead over its opponents. Sadly, another bad team fight did not allow them to bounce back and gave Ursa yet another Aegis. Needless to say, this was more than enough for APU to win the game.

Game Three

People expected the deciding game to be more interesting than the previous two. However, Thunder Awaken decided that it was time to prove why it is the best in the region. After picking some of their best heroes, TA did not give their opponents any chances. They won the laning stage and snowballed out of control. This was enough for them to secure the victory and the opportunity to play in Round 2.

Infamous vs beastcoast

The second game of the series was between Infamous and beastcoast, two teams that used to be pretty even a couple of months ago. Despite the fact that INF performed better in Division I, BC is one of the names in South America that can explode at any second. This made the series a lot more interesting to watch than the first one.

As expected, this game was full of surprises, especially in game two. Fan expected Infamous to win, but beastcoast did what it had to be done, securing themselves a significant victory. The next challenge ahead of the powerful team will be Thunder Awaken. Needless to say, this will be a game that everyone will be eager to watch.

Game One

In the first game of the series, Infamous picked Bane and QoP, two of the strongest heroes in the current meta. On the other hand, BC decided to count on its strongest heroes, such as TB and Weaver.

Although the game was slow, BC was in control since the beginning. The team was careful and tried to secure as much farm for its core heroes as possible. This allowed Terroblade, Lina, and Venomancer to secure a solid lead over their counterparts.

INF tried to rely on Juggernaut, but the hero did not have enough firepower to bring down BC’s mighty cores. Sadly, the team was unable to bounce back and had to prepare itself for the second game of the series.

Game Two

After losing game one, Infamous decided to step up its game and pick heroes, such as Templar Assassin and Death Prophet. The team started well and secured itself a couple of kills. However, this was not enough to stop BC’s CK and Viper. 

Despite the fact that the two heroes did not have as much farm as their opponents’ cores, things changed after a couple of team fights. Several mistakes and bad decisions allowed BC to bounce back and even take the lead. Perhaps the most critical team fight in the game happened at around the 35th-minute mark. A five-man smoke from INF did not go as planned. After failing to utilize their potential, Infamous lost three of its players, which gave BC the chance to bounce back and take the lead. CK gained a massive advantage over the rest and became way too difficult to kill. Beastcoast secured the victory and the chance to play against TA in Round 2.

Dota 2: DPC South America Regional Finals Upper Bracket Round 1
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