Dota 2: DPC South America Division I and II Week 2 Results

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Dota 2: DPC South America Division I and II Week 2 Results

Dota 2's South American fans once again have the chance to watch the best teams in the region. After dominating their competitors in Tour 1, Thunder Awaken now has to do the same.

This time, it will try to get revenge for losing the Regional Finals against beastcoast. Speaking of the devil, BC won their first and second game last week and already have a lead over their competitors. There are several more weeks to go until we learn the names of the two teams that will advance to ESL One Stockholm 2022, so let’s check what happened in South America this week.

Division I

Infamous vs Hokori

Although most people thought that this was an easy game for INF, Hokoro ripped through them rather easily. The team had no problems in the laning stage in both games, despite their opponents having more aggressive heroes.

Hokori controlled the first game since the start, so they had no concerns. Although Infamous were in the driving seat in game two, they quickly lost their momentum. This allowed the classic Void and Invoker combo to shine and gave Hokori the first victory in Tour 2.

Lava vs Tunder Awaken

TA is one of the big favorites to win Division I and secures a slot for the upcoming major. Therefore, most people were not surprised that Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez Jimenez and his teammates had little to no issues in this series.

Lava used Leshrac and Ogre in both games, and even picked Techies is one of them. Despite that, TA knew what to do against these heroes, which is why they got Abaddon in both games.

The first one was easy, but Lava did pretty well in the second one, thanks to their Templar Assassin. Despite the hero’s crazy right-click damage, it was not strong enough to bring down TA, who secured their second victory.

Balrogs vs APU King of Kings

This three-game thriller ended well for APU, who managed to bounce back and take the series. 

The first game did not go well for APU because Luna had a flying start and managed to snowball out of control. Balrogs decided to use the hero for the second time, but APU was prepared and picked WK, Ember, and Mars. Needless to say, they ripped through Luna and did not allow the hero to show his prowess.

 Balrogs tried to change their draft for the third game and pick Razor and IO. Despite the incredible mid-game performance, APU managed to hold on and provide their TB with enough time to become the strongest hero in the game. After 48 minutes, Kaue “dunha1” Gabriel Camuci de Lima and the rest won their first match in Tour 2.

Hokori vs beastcoast

BC is one of the favorites yet again in South America, and the team was able to live up to the expectations. This series was more interesting than expected because we saw three full games.

Interestingly, Hokori took the lead after picking some of the best meta heroes right now in game one. This gave them the needed confidence to get heroes like Broodmother in game two. 

Sadly, the pick did not work because BC countered the hero with Sand King. As a result, South America’s powerhouse was able to bounce back and equalize the series. That’s why we had the chance to watch game three.

Despite losing with Brood, Hokori decided to get the hero again, but this time, Sand King was not in the game. Even this was not enough for Pablo “Vitaly” Cesar Angulo Roman and co. because they were unable to defeat the powerful Leshrac and Phantom Lancer draft.

Infamous vs Lava

This was not a good week for Infamous because the team lost its second series of the week. After the disappointing loss against Hokori, Alexis Cepeda “sl4d1n- and the rest lost against Lava.

Lava's first game was easy because they got an early lead and slowly but steadily secured the victory. With that being said, the second game was a fantastic 65-minute deathmatch between Medusa, Kunkka, TB, and Ember Spirit.

The odds were against TB and Ember because Medusa is known for being a late-game monster. However, it seems like the hero’s firepower was not enough to bring down these two cores. After several minutes of intensive action, Lava won their second game in Division I after losing against TA early this week.

Division II

SG esports and Interitus

The first series in Division II put together SG esports and Interitus. Both were unable to shine in Tour 1, which is why they wanted to show the world what they’re capable of. 

Despite the two close games, SG-esports was unable to overcome the deadly Undying and Sand King combo used by their opponents. These two heroes are hot in the current meta, and for a reason. They allow their team to have an excellent early game, which gives enough space for the carry and mid laner to shine.

Speaking of carries, SG relied on Terrorblade in both games, but the hero couldn’t accumulate the needed farm. Despite the heavy laning stage, SG did ok in game two and had some chances of winning. However, QoP and Phantom Lancer did too much damage and were way ahead. Despite having the better draft, SG lost.

Wolf Team vs Gorillaz-Pride

G-Pride was one of the teams that nearly made it to Division I last time, so it was eager to do that this time around. However, the squad was unable to overcome Wolf Team after losing both games.

The first match between the two lasted for over an hour, and we had the chance to see a late-game Invoker in action. Combined with Gyro and Necro, these heroes successfully coped with Kunkka and Void Spirit.

G-Pride tried to use Gyro in the second game of the series and did pretty well with him. However, even this hero was not powerful enough to bring down Wolf Team’s deadly draft. After 44 minutes of play, the SA team won their first match.

Omega vs Dreamers

Despite winning the first game of this series in just 22 minutes, Omega failed to secure the series after losing the next two games. The second game was also one-sided, but this time, Gianluca “Migi” Castañeda Mendoza and the rest gave their opponents no chances.

After equalizing the series, the third match was almost one hour long, so we had many actions. Omega definitely had the better draft on paper, but many mistakes didn’t allow them to utilize it to their full potential. In the end, the TB and SD combo prevailed.

NoPing vs Interitus

NoPing continues to dominate Division II in South America after yet another dominant victory. This time, the team won against Interitus, which allowed them to get first place in Division II.

Diego “SexyFat” Barini Santamaria and his team picked SD and Mars in both games and had little to no problems. The first one was easier because their opponents picked TA in the second one. However, the late-game Tiny + Invoker setup was enough to give the team the victory.

Wolf Team vs SG Esports

SG Esports will be one of Division I's leading contestants because the team secured another important victory. The team ripped through their opponents quickly because they picked their favorite Morphling in both of them.

The first game lasted only 25 minutes as Spirit Breaker and Morphling destroyed everything. Almost the same happened in the second game, but this time, Wolf  Team had some chances of winning. 

Dota 2: DPC South America Division I and II Week 2 Results
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