DOTA 2: DPC SEA & SA Final Standings

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DOTA 2: DPC SEA & SA Final Standings

The games in Southeast Asia and South America have ended and standings are clear for DPC Season 1.

After weeks of action filled games in both SEA and SA. The picture is clear which teams will attend the Singapore major. From Southeast Asia, Fnatic will play the major playoffs while Neon Esports will battle through group stages. In South America, beastcoast will play the playoffs in major and Thunder Predator will take part in group stages.

Standings: SEA

Fnatic had a great run in the season with only a single loss to BOOM in week 3. Neon Esports played well, losing only to Fnatic and T1 in week 5 and week 6, respectively. The lower division saw Lilgun at the top with only a single defeat against ZeroTwo. Following on the second spot, Omega Esports won most games, losing only to Lilgun and Army Geniuses in week 4 and 5.

Here's the final standings at the close of competition.

Upper Division

With our Upper Divison wrapped up, we can expect to see 496 and Vice are now relegated to the Lower Division in Season 2 of the DPC. While Fnatic, Neon and T1 have all secured their spots for the Major.

  1. Fnatic
  2. Neon Esports
  3. T1
  4. TNC Predator
  5. BOOM Esports
  6. Execration
  7. 496 Gaming
  8. Vice Esports


Lower Division

Our Lower Division saw both Lilgun and Omega Esports climb to the top and get a shot at the Upper Division for Season 2. However for HOYO and Yangon Galacticos the fate was elimination, so we won't be seeing them back for the next DPC season.

  1. Lilgun
  2. Omega Esports
  3. Cignal Ultra
  4. Galaxy Racers
  5. Army Geniuses )
  6. ZeroTwo
  7. HOYO
  8. Yangon Galacticos

Standings: South America

The upper division of SAM saw beastcoast lead the table with only one loss against NoPing in week 5. Following the leaders, Thunder Predator also showed some solid performances in the season. They only lost to Infamous and beastcoast in week 1 and 3, respectively. Infinity Esports dominated the Lower division and were leading the table with only one defeat against Incubus. The leaders were followed by Hokori, who were only defeated by Infinity in week 5.

Here's our final standings for SAM.

Upper Division

Beastcoast and Thunder Predator came out on top, with both teams set to play in the upcoming Major. But things didn't go as smoothly for EgoBoys or Latam Defenders. Both of whom will be headed to the Lower Division for Season 2.

  1. Beastcoast
  2. Thunder Predator
  3. SG e-sports
  4. NoPing e-sports
  5. Team Unknown
  6. Infamous
  7. EgoBoys
  8. Latam Defenders

Lower Division

Infinity Esports and Hokori will be gracing the Upper Division for Season 2 after taking the two top spots in Season 1. However it's farewell to the DPC dreams of Mad Kings and 0-900, their spots on the bottom of the ladder mean they won't be returning for Season 2 of the DPC.

  1. Infinity Esports
  2. Hokori
  3. Incubus Club
  4. Gorillaz-Pride
  5. Crewmates
  6. Inverse
  7. Mad Kings
  8. 0-900

With only one region left to wrap up, we almost know all of our teams ahead of the Singapore Major at the end of this month. It kicks off on March 27.

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