Dota 2: DPC SEA Regional Finals – LB & Grand Finals

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Dota 2: DPC SEA Regional Finals – LB & Grand Finals

Results from the Lower Bracket and Grand Final of Dota 2 Regional Tournament.

After fierce Dota 2 matches in both the Upper and Lower Brackets of DPC Regional Finals, we saw BOOM Esports take on Team SMG and a rematch between BOOM and T1. This was the second time they clashed in the Grand Finals after T1’s victory in the Upper Bracket Final.

LB Finals – BOOM Esports Vs Team SMG

Game One

The first  game saw both teams getting into lots of small fights in the starting minutes. However, none of the teams looked to take a major hit. This was more important for BOOM as they were playing with a late game Medusa draft. After a rather stable early match, BOOM started dominating the net worth with 6k gold advantage at 22 minutes into the game. This was mainly because of SMG getting caught in fights and losing a few of their heroes quite early. BOOM didn’t look back after getting ahead and won the match after they pushed the mid lane all the way to the enemy's Ancient. The score was 24-44 in about 37 minutes.

Game Two

Our second map had SMG struggling with Drow Ranger in the early game. However, the teams were almost level in terms of kills and net worth. After the 30-minute mark, BOOM started losing their fights. Both Terrorblade and Batrider could not contribute because of SMG’s lineup of tanks and damage dealing heroes like Tidehunter, Ember Spirit and Drow Ranger. BOOM lost the match 38-30 in 45 minutes.

Game Three

The deciding match was high tempo as well. Both teams were at each other’s throat to get to the Grand Finals. However, Team SMG had a weird draft compared to BOOM. On top of that, with Tiny as their safe laner, SMG had a free will with Lifestealer. Around 22 minutes into the game, BOOM had a 6k gold lead. They kept racking up the gold with their draft advantage and SMG were looking helpless. The score was 44-14 in 33 minutes with BOOM advancing to face T1.

Grand Finals – BOOM Esports Vs T1

Game One

The Grand Finals started on pretty equal footing. It was only after 15 minutes that BOOM started asserting dominance. At around 20 minutes into the game, a massive fight broke between the two teams, helping BOOM to take their lead even further. Shortly after that, BOOM took the Aegis, which gave them huge space to play freely around the map. At around 30 minutes, BOOM won a fight and were just about to take down Roshan for the second time when T1 called “GG”.

Game Two

The second match saw some interesting drafting from both teams. However, BOOM had more control over the early game with Kunkka as their mid laner. At around 11 minutes into the game, BOOM had 3k gold advantage. However, T1 were not too far behind in terms of their picks and status in the game. At the 16-minute mark, BOOM took the Aegis to establish further control in the game. BOOM kept picking off T1’s Morphling, which wasn’t exactly helping the team. Timothy John “Tims” Randrup was playing exceptionally well with Mirana and connecting crucial Arrows for kills. With a one-sided win for BOOM, the score read 17-3.

Game 3

BOOM were dominating the third game right from the very start. At around 19 minutes, they had a net worth lead of 4k gold. However, T1 didn’t lose hope.

Kim “Gabbi” Villafuerte Santos was dominating on Templar Assassin. As the match went on, BOOM continued to gain momentum and were around 9k gold ahead. However, T1 punished BOOM’s over extension a few times between 30 and 40 minutes which kept them in the game. Finally, Gabbi scored a double rampage with a brilliant fight and made a comeback for T1. The score was 27-29 at the end.

Game 4

The fourth map saw BOOM playing extremely aggressively from the get go. With Lina, Mars, Bane and Windranger, they had solid chase and disable abilities. Plus, they didn’t let T1 settle for a moment. At around 18 minutes, BOOM had Aegis and were 5k ahead in net worth. At the 30th-minute mark, BOOM were 15k gold ahead, and it was near impossible to stop their high ground push. T1 lost to BOOM with a score of 29-12 in.

BOOM took the win at the DPC Regional Finals 4-1 against T1. The top Dota 2 team will now take the $50,000 USD prize money, while T1 earn themselves the second spot and $25,000 USD.

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