Dota 2: DPC SEA Division I & II Week 6 Results

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Dota 2: DPC SEA Division I & II Week 6 Results

A recap of Dota 2 Pro Circuit Week 6 games and tiebreakers from the SEA region.

The DPC has finally ended with Fnatic on top of the first division, followed by BOOM and T1. We see RSG in the first position in the second division. Talon Esports and Army Geniuses are second and third on the table. Here are the short results of each game.

Division I

Neon Esports Vs Nigma Galaxy SEA

Nigma were ahead in the laning stage of the first match. They played well to increase the lead and were looking to win the game. However, Neon was clever to take good fights and turn the game. They also got pick offs and came back into the game before the 30-minute mark. After slip-ups from Nigma, Neon took advantage and won 17-26 in 36 minutes.

The second match had Meepo as the mid hero from Nigma. Neon was ahead after the laning stage, but Nigma soon caught up and took a significant advantage. Meepo came online, and it was proving difficult to stop him with Terrorblade which was also causing a lot of problems. Nigma won the game 22-14 in 35 minutes.

Nigma won the last match in a one-sided fashion. A snowballing Templar Assassin and space chugging heroes like Broodmother had Neon surrounded. The score was 6-31 in 30 minutes.

Fnatic Vs T1

Fnatic steered the first match in their favor after a huge fight around 30 minutes into the game. Getting a huge gold and map advantage, Fnatic completely stopped T1 from getting a way back into the game. The final score was 28-13 in approximately 40 minutes.

T1 bounced back in the second match. Although the game was long, Fnatic never looked in control of the game. T1 was ahead from the mid-game and kept the siege. The score, in the end, was 13-30 in 55 minutes.

The last match was very entertaining to watch. T1 were ahead in the early game and were looking comfortable. However, Fnatic took advantage of a few fights around 30 minutes into the game. After a few more minutes, we saw T1 getting the short end of the stick in fights. Fnatic won the match 22-27 in 50 minutes.

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BOOM Esports Vs Team SMG

Team SMG were far ahead in the first match. Although the net worth difference wasn’t much, they were enjoying the dominating score. However, SMG were restless and gave away their lead slowly. BOOM was patient and pounced on their chances. SMG lost the momentum and gave away the advantage to BOOM. The final score was 34-43 in BOOM’s favor.

The second match was also interesting from the beginning. Both teams looked to fight early in search of a breakthrough. However, SMG overextended and couldn’t pull off a huge lead. BOOM slowly gained a net worth lead and won the match in about 41 minutes.

Division I – Tiebreakers

Polaris Esports Vs T1

The first match was a massive victory for T1. They were ahead all game, but it was proving hard for them to end it fast. The match went for 51 minutes as Polaris refused to give up and kept their resistance. T1 had a net worth lead of over 50k gold when they finally won 19-33.

The second match was a challenge for T1 as they were behind in the early to mid-game. However, Polaris gave away their lead and T1 played well to bounce back in the game and win 27-37 in an hour-long match.

Fnatic Vs BOOM Esports

Fnatic got the lead first in the opening match. We saw BOOM make a brief comeback in the mid-game. However, it wasn’t enough to stop Fnatic from winning in the end. The score was 30-18 in 45 minutes.

BOOM had the score advantage in the early minutes of the second match. However, Fnatic were not far away and had excellent farm on their heroes. After a couple of awful fights from BOOM, Fnatic took the driver’s seat and won the game. The score was 26-22 in 44 minutes.

Division II

Motivate.Trust Gaming Vs The Apes E-Sport

MG.Trust killed the first match. It was one-sided, with The Apes hardly posing any challenge. The score was 7-28 in 33 minutes. The second match saw The Apes responding brilliantly. Although MG.Trust was doing fine in the early game, The Apes took the lead with each fight. They won the match 9-30 in 32 minutes. The last game saw MG.Trust take the gold lead in the early game and use it wisely to win 8-40 in 28 minutes.

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Motivate.Trust Gaming Vs TNC Predator

The first match saw both teams play aggressively in the early game. The game advantage was swinging as both of them kept fighting from mid to late game. It was extremely competitive, and they kept the viewers guessing till the very end. MG.Trust had bad map control, but TNC were ahead in taking objectives and closing the map for their opponent. TNC won the match 24-38 in 54 minutes.

The second match was different compared to the first one. MG.Trust completely fell apart against TNC’s bold draft. TNC had Razor, Dragon Knight, Enchantress and Shadow Demon which posed a huge threat to MG.Trust right from the early game. The score in the end was 9-33 in 33 minutes.

Army Geniuses Vs UD Vessuwan

UD Vessuwan were ahead by a significant margin in the early minutes of the first match. However, as the match went on for over 40 minutes, Army Geniuses slogged their way up in the game. After 42 minutes, AG were ahead in net worth and it became very difficult for UD V to stop them. AG won the match 31-32 in 44 minutes.

The second game saw UD Vessuwan get an early lead of 3k gold around 16 minutes in the match. They played well and had great spell usage in fights to get ahead. UD V won the match with a score of 35-18 in 30 minutes.

The last match had AG in advantage after the laning stage. Storm was as irritating as always for UD V. After 20 minutes, AG had Aegis and a huge gold advantage to push them to a comfortable victory. The score was 25-5 in 28 minutes.

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