DOTA 2: DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 4 Results

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DOTA 2: DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 4 Results

A recap of the second tour of Dota 2 DPC matches in the SEA region.

As we head into the fifth week of DPC, the SEA scene is a lot clearer. The first division has Fnatic unbeaten on the top, sharing their place with T1. BOOM, Polaris and Team SMG share third place. The second division has Talon Esports on top followed by RSG in second place. Let’s have a look at the results of matches in the fourth week.

Division I

Execration Vs Polaris Esports

Polaris are on top form and, as expected they delivered positive results against Execration. Although the first match saw Execration win with their snowballing Storm Spirit play, the series had a different outcome. The first match score was 38-19 in 32 minutes. Polaris responded well in the second match and stomped Execration with a score of 13-40 in 37 minutes. The last match was 28 minutes short with a 13-23 score in Polaris’ favor.

Team SMG Vs Nigma Galaxy SEA

The first match between these two teams went on for over an hour. With both teams playing some exceptional Dota, it was Nigma who came on top. Nigma had Lifestealer who got 19 kills without a single death in the game with a scoreline of 55-40. The second match was one-sided, as Nigma dominated most of the game. SMG struggled in the laning stage with Nigma making smart rotations to get an advantage. It never looked like a very comfortable victory on paper, but Nigma’s playing style made it work exactly like they wanted. The score in the end was 10-45 in 30 minutes. Nigma won the series 2-0.

T1 Vs Neon Esports

We saw a very well balanced first match between these two. It looked like Neon were in control after getting an Aegis, but T1 took a fight which ended up poorly for Neon. After 35 minutes, T1 slowly got ahead with a net worth advantage and Roshan. Neon played well to stop them for as long as they could, but it was not enough. T1 won the match with a score of 36-25 in 48 minutes. The second match was one-sided as T1 owned Neon with their Tiny pick in the safe lane. Neon looked shaky in the laning stage and as the early minutes ended, they started struggling. T1 were on top of the mid lane and it was getting increasingly hard for Neon to stop T1 heroes. The incredible early game advantage was mainly due to T1's strong lineup which enabled them to be aggressive from the start. T1 won with a score of 10-33 in 33 minutes.

Fnatic Vs Polaris Esports

Fnatic swept Polaris in the first match with their Templar Assassin. The high tempo Fnatic presented was too much for Polaris to handle. The score was 26-6 in 30 minutes. Polaris did well in the second match and got an important win. Even though the game went late, the Drow Ranger pick helped them finish it. Both teams fought to the very end of the match, which was over an hour long with a score of 34-35. The last match saw Fnatic comeback in another hour long game. The scoreline was 31-38 in their favor.

BOOM Esports Vs Execration

Despite being a balanced game in the early to mid timing, BOOM Esports fell behind and Execration got their deserved victory. The score was 25-25 in 42 minutes. However, the second match was a complete stomp by BOOM, where Execration showed their poor form again. With a score of 33-7 in 22 minutes, both teams quickly went into the last match of the series. Although the deciding match was 42 minutes long, Execration were not very comfortable throughout the game and lost with a significant difference. The score read 43-13 as Execration continued into the tour without a single series win.

Division II

Motivate.Trust Gaming Vs UD Vessuwan

The first match was one-sided as MG.Trust won the game 8-35 in 43 minutes. They had a clear advantage from the beginning and the team used it well to build up on it. In the second match, UD V came back to win with a score of 23-20 in 39 minutes. MG.Trust were ahead in the early game, but a fight around the 32-minute mark changed the flow of the game. UD V got the advantage later and won. The last match was yet again in favor of MG.Trust, thanks to some beautiful play in the early game. After getting ahead in net worth MG.Trust won the game 13-25 in 40 minutes.

TNC Predator Vs RSG

After dominating and getting a significant advantage, TNC completely ruined everything in the first match. They took objectives, but got overconfident and made mistakes, which paved the way for RSG to come back in the game. RSG won 36-29 in 44 minutes. The second match was also similar with TNC leading first, but failing to convert it into a win. The score was 54-36 in 55 minutes.

Lilgun Vs Army Geniuses

Lilgun are out of form, and they struggled against Army Geniuses too. The first match was tough for Lilgun, who lost 12-40 in 31 minutes. Army Geniuses picked a solid draft including Razor, Dragon Knight and Pangolier in the second match. Similar to the first match, the second was also one-sided with AG winning 7-32 under 30 minutes.

The Apes E-Sport Vs Talon Esports

Talon have been amazing in the second tour. Their series against Apes posed little challenge. Talon won the first match with a score of 10-22 in 42 minutes. It was a passive match and not very interesting, but a win is what counts and Talon scored one. The Apes fell apart in the second match also. A tricky draft from Talon was difficult to deal with for The Apes. The score was 16-40 in 44 minutes.

Talon Esports Vs UD Vessuwan

Talon played well with a Storm Spirit pick in the first match. After establishing an early lead, they won the match 32-15 in 38 minutes. The second match was surprising to say the least. UD V have had a poor form in the DPC, but they played well and won against Talon. The score read 26-18 in 40 minutes. Talon won the deciding match, but it wasn’t a straightforward task for them. UD V were in the game for quite some time before they got off track and lost 30-22 in 42 minutes.

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