DOTA 2: DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 2 Results

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DOTA 2: DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 2 Results

A recap of the second tour of Dota 2 Pro Circuit matches in the SEA region.

The second week brings us some interesting Dota 2 matches. Fnatic, Polaris and T1 look strong in the first division, whereas RSG and Talon Esports is leading the second division. Let’s have a look at the results of the second week.

Division I:

T1 Vs Nigma Galaxy SEA

Nigma was aggressive in the first match, but that didn’t really pay off. T1 had a net worth advantage in the mid-game and they converted it well to win the game 8-25 in under 25 minutes.

Nigma responded with some amazing play in the second match. They took an early Aegis and had control over what they were doing. The mobility of Storm was also key to their win. The scoreline was 40-13 in 40 minutes.

T1 was quick to get a small lead in the early minutes of the third match. T1 kept fighting Nigma, who was trying hard to get a positive fight their way. With a steady increase in the lead, T1 started dominating and won. The scoreline at the end was 18-54 in 41 minutes.

BOOM Esports Vs Polaris Esports

The first match saw both teams keeping the spectators guessing. However, Polaris got the Aegis and marched ahead. With an astounding gap in the net worth, BOOM couldn’t do much and lost. The scoreline read 16-28 in 42 minutes.

BOOM took the lead early in the match and played to stomp Polaris. They got the win with an overwhelming margin. The scoreline was 29-6 in 32 minutes.

After such a dominating win, BOOM was confident in the third match. They took a very early advantage and converted it into a smooth sailing victory. In a 34-minute match, the score was 33-10.

Execration Vs Neon Esports

Neon stomped Execration in the first match, winning it with a country mile. The score read 28-4 in 32 minutes. Although Execration has not been in the best of forms in the current tour of Dota 2 Pro Circuit, their second game performance was fabulous. After facing a cruel defeat, they bounced back well to win the game 41-13 in 26 minutes. However, they couldn’t continue the performance in the third match. Neon also played very well in the match and made fewer mistakes. The ending score was 9-27 in about 32 minutes.

Fnatic Vs Execration


Fnatic won the first match with a score of 29-28 in 45 minutes. It was a close call for both teams, but Execration was ahead in the late game, and a fight around 43 minutes ended in defeat for Fnatic. Fnatic got a statement win in the second match. The score was 11-34 in 34 minutes. The deciding match saw Execration in a tight position. Fnatic got frustrated and lost because they failed to execute the game plan. The score was 8-24 in 24 minutes.

T1 Vs Team SMG

T1 was way ahead in the first match. Except for Morphling, the rest of the team struggled to stand against T1 in fights. The scoreline was 10-45 in 29 minutes. The second match saw Tusk as a mid-pick by T1. It was an interesting choice, and the match was entertaining to watch. SMG was in the lead first and they were close to winning. However, they failed to push the high ground with their lineup and eventually lost. The score was 33-18 in 40 minutes.

Division II

Lilgun Vs RSG

Although Lilgun played well in the early to mid-game during the first match, RSG was very tough to defeat. The first match had a 36-19 score in favor of RSG. The second match saw RSG take the lead on the scoreboard and get a net worth advantage in the mid-game. Lilgun was trailing by quite a lot and lost 18-41 in 39 minutes.

TNC Predator Vs UD Vessuwan

TNC were quick to take the lead in their first match. With Aegis and net worth advantage in their favor, TNC kept taking objectives. The lack of space and control on the map forced UD V to call “GG” after 36 minutes. The score was 26-10 in TNC’s favor.

UD V gave a good response in the second match, winning it 29-15 in 36 minutes. However, TNC came on top in the last match. Although the game was in favor of UD V with their massive advantage in the mid-game, TNC made an impressive comeback after the 40-minute mark. The score was 27-26 at 49 minutes.

The Apes E-Sport Vs UD Vessuwan

UD V annihilated The Apes with a score of 21-5 in 23 minutes. The second match saw UD V play storm mid and Tiny in the safe lane. Although the matchup wasn’t one-sided on paper, The Apes struggled to play against the enemy heroes. The scoreline was 12-30 in 30 minutes.

Motivate.Trust Gaming Vs Talon Esports

Talon took the lead first in the early minutes of the first match. As the advantage continued to develop, MG.Trust had less to fall on and lost. The scoreline was 25-5 in 18 minutes. MG.Trust started the second match better with an Aegis advantage and a small net worth lead. However, Talon turned the game around. The scoreline was 18-45 in 32 minutes.

TNC Predator Vs Lilgun

The first match saw both sides level pegging till the mid-game. However, Lilgun won a fight at around 26 minutes, which changed the course of the game. The scoreline, in the end, was 33-26 in 42 minutes. The second match was one-sided with Lilgun winning 26-9 in 34 minutes.

Talon Esports Vs Army Geniuses

Talon got the lead in the mid-game in a match that was mostly balanced from the beginning. They had to play carefully to maintain the lead and win the game 35-29 in 54 minutes. The second match was even better for Talon, who was decisive in their gameplay. They took Aegis and a significant net worth advantage to crush AG. The scoreline was 22-39 in 44 minutes.

Stay tuned on ESTNN for results from other regions of Dota 2 Pro Circuit.

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