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All the action from Week 4 of the South American DPC.

Most people expected beastcoast and Thunder Awaken to dominate the South American region for the second time in a row. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that these two names stand out.

We are yet to see the clash between the two powerhouses (it will take place two weeks from now). Fortunately, there were several other games that were amazing, especially in Division I. Let’s go over some of the more intriguing matches.

Division I

TA vs Infinity

There are a couple of professional Dota 2 teams in the DPC that are yet to lose a single match. As expected, Thunder Awaken is one of them because Christian Antony “Pakazs” Savina Casanova and the rest defeated Infinity.

We expected to watch a one-sided series where TA would dominate. Instead, we watched a three-game thriller where each match was fun.

Game one was completely one-sided because Infinity got out-picked. The team led their opponents to get Templar Assasin, MK, and Tiny. As expected, these heroes gave their opponents no chance because they got SD and Terrorbalde. Even though TB had the potential to carry his team in the late game, TA did not allow this to happen.

After winning with this draft, the team decided to pick something similar for the second game. Infinity decided to ban TA, so the team picked Medusa and Kunkka instead of TA and  Tiny. Despite the strong early game, Thunder Awaken made several crucial mistakes that allowed Infinity’s Tiny and Batrider to get essential kills. These two heroes snowballed out of control, and gave the team didn’t let TA’s late-game draft get enough items.

After losing their first game in Tour 2, Thunder Awaken changed their draft for the third game of the series. South America’s top-tier team picked Void, SK, and Mirana, which was more than enough to rn over Infinity’s draft. After 32 minutes, their opponents had no other options but to use the GG call. 

Balrogs vs Lava

The second match in Division I that was worth watching was between Balorgs and Lava. It was another three-game deathmatch where both teams showed everything they’re capable of. Sadly, Balrogs were unable to defeat their opponents, which means they’ve lost their fifth match in a row. Needless to say, this will probably be enough to send them to Division II.

Game one was the most action-packed because the game was more than 52 minutes long. What’s even better is that we had the chance to watch AM and Morphling, two of the hardest carries in Dota 2.

Although the game was even, Balorgs slowly started gaining a lead over their opponents. This allowed their Anti-Mage to become much more potent than Morphling. The latter tried to counter the hero by replicating it, but it was not enough to stop it.

After the loss, Lava decided to get one of the strongest physical damage dealers in the game – Phantom Assassin.

Infamous vs Thunder Awaken

Although Infamous might not be as successful as Thunder Awaken or BC, the team is one of the contenders for the Major slot. Sadly, their most recent loss against TA will most likely prevent them from attending the first Major of this DPC.

The two games we had the chance to watch were exciting, but TA dominated both of them. INF tried to surprise their opponents by picking Naga Siren. Sadly, even this hero was not strong enough to defeat the overpowered Templar Assasin. Herrera “Darkmago” Martínez Oswaldo Gonzalo and the rest won the laning stage, got the needed items, and won the first game.

The Naga tactic did not work as expected, so Infamous tried to bet on a Terroblade in the second game of the series. While it is true that the team played better, TA’s Tiny and Leshrac were just too strong. The two heroes snowballed and prevented TB from becoming the late-game monster he is known for.

Division II

G-Pride vs Ravens

Ravens is one of the few teams in Division II that has the needed motivation to enter Division I. The last game was a perfect example of that because José Dismar “D1smar” Carhuajulca Levano won a very intense series.

Despite being the underdogs, G-Pride proved once again that they could explode at any given time. The first game between them and Ravens was almost 40 minutes and they were in the driving seat for most of it. Unfortunately, Chaos Knight did not have the best game, which did not allow him to snowball and defeat Ravens’ cores. 

After losing game one, Ravens picked several intriguing heroes in game two, including Rubick. Their draft looked good on paper, but it was not strong enough to defeat the powerful Drow strat from G-Pride. 

This map was more than one hour long, so it shouldn’t be surprising there were tons of epic team fights. Terrorblade was the strongest hero in the game, but even he was not enough to defeat Drow and Leshrac.

Following the victory, G-Pride looked very confident in game three. However, bad team fights and loads of different mistakes did not allow the roster to show its prowess. Ravens played defensively, but they started pushing once their cores secured their first items. Needless to say, DP and TB had no problems destroying loads of towers.

NoPing vs Omega

Following the first couple of weeks in South America, NoPing e-sports became the leader in Division II. Although most people expected them to be one of the names that would secure a slot for Division I, this week’s loss will make their task much harder.

Omega is one of the teams that also have a chance of going to Div1, which is why the clash between the two was highly anticipated. Most people thought that NoPing would win, but the team lost the series, despite winning game one.

The first match was one-sided. Despite having TA and Storm in the same team, Omega was crushed and lost 26 minutes after the start of the match. Fortunately, they managed to bounce back for the second game of the series.

Game one gave us the chance to watch two completely different tactics. NoPing focused on the mid game because they had Ursa, DS, and Lich. On the other hand, Omega’s Medusa lineup was definitely better for the late game. 

Even though Artur “LTH” Lauth and the rest had a good start, Medusa had an excellent game and slowly took over. Needless to say, Ursa was not powerful enough to bring down the late-game beast, which allowed omega to equalize the series. 

The final map between the two also went in favor of Omega. It seems like NoPing’s lineup was too greedy because their cores could not do much against the deadly Storm and Tiny combo.

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