Dota 2 DPC North America Division II Week 3 Overview

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Dota 2 DPC North America Division II Week 3 Overview

We breakdown the most important moments from Week 3 of North America's DPC Division II.

Unlike the matches in the North America DPC Division I, where TSM and Shopify Rebellion had little to no competition, Division II is different. Seven out of the 8 teams had almost equal chances of seducing one of the two slots for Division I, which was impressive. Unsurprisingly, this made the 3rd week of the DPC in NA one of the most interesting ones to watch.

Now that the dust has settled, we know that Team DogChamp and felt will be the 2 squads tha will be heading over to Division I for Tour 2. The teams worked really hard to get here, so it will be interesting to see if they have what it takes to play against the best in the region.

We know that most of you are interested in learning more about what happened in North America, so let’s go through some of the results. 

Felt won 2 matches and lost one, but it was enough to qualify for Division I

As mentioned, felt is one of the two teams from North America’s Division II that will head over to Division I. The squad achieved its goal by securing 2 victories during Week 3.

It all started with the match against Another NA Team. Although this clash didn’t seem that interesting, it was extremely important because Another NA team was one of the few squads that could challenge felt’s 2nd place in the Division. Sadly, things didn’t work as planned because Berna and the rest won the match.

Felt didn’t have any problems with the two maps and was in control since the beginning. The first one ended in 35 minutes, whereas the second one took the squad 28 minutes. 

Defeating CDUB Esports

After the victory against ANT, felt needed just one more win to secure its spot for the North America 2023 DPC Tour 2 Division I. In other words, Fayde and his other teammates were extremely motivated to win this match.]

The first game was way easier than we expected, considering the picks. CDUB Esports had a very ganking-focused draft that allowed the team to take part in tons of kills. However, this wasn’t enough to stop felt’s QoP because the hero carried her team to victory.

After winning the first map, felt also succeeded in Game 2. CDUB’s draft was very interesting and focused a lot on countering felt’s big Black Hole. However, the squad’s other heroes had an amazing game, so it wasn’t surprising that felt won after 44 minutes. 

The loss against PS

Felt’s finals series of NA”s Tour 2 Division II was against Penguins Squad, which hasn’t had the best results so far. Needless to say, everyone expected felt to win, but it seemed like the team didn’t care about the victory that much because it had already qualified for Division I.

The first game of the series was for Penguins Squad because the team’s Drow Ranger and Shadow Fiend strategy had an explosive start. Even though felt rolled out one of their strongest drafts, the team didn’t have enough firepower to win.

Fortunately, felt bounced back in the second game of the series after picking Ember and Axe. Penguins Squad tried winning the match by focusing on Primal Beast and Alchemist, but the combo wasn’t able to do much. Despite the solid laning stage, PS lost the map and had to prepare for game 3.

Speaking of the third game, it was the most interesting one to watch because felt and Penguins Squad gave everything they got. Following the explosive start, we expected felt to win, but in reality, this didn’t happen. PS played really well and eventually won the map and the series.

DogChamp continued its domination.

After the end of Week 1 in North America’s DPC Division II, one team stood proudly above the rest. DogChamp won 3 series, which was a clear statement that it would be one of the two squads that would compete for one of the Division I slots. 

What’s interesting is that the team didn’t have any matches in Week 2. However, it had to play a total of 4 series in Week 3, and it won all of them. As a result, Team DogChamp will be one of the two new representatives in Division I.

The team started with a win against Penguins Squad in a series that lasted 50 minutes in total. Bloody Nine had no problems in both map and defeated their opponents in no time.

After the quick victory, Team DogChamp’s second match of the week was versus CDUB Esports. Even though we expected this series to be much more competitive, TDC was miles ahead of its competitors and won pretty fast. The second game was very interesting because we saw Enigma, Magnus, and Treant on the same team, which meant 3 of the best team-fight ultimates in the game.

The next challenge ahead of Team DogChamp was The Cut and this was the team’s most interesting series yet. We expected a close match, and we got it, at least for the most part. However, DogChamp was clearly better and won both maps.

What’s interesting is that The Cut used Rubick, Silencer, and Beastmaster in both of their matches. The squad seemed to have some sort of pre-made tactic, but it didn’t quite work as planned.

Following the end of the Tiebreakers, we know that Penguins Squad and Eternity are the 2 North American teams that will be eliminated from the DPC. The latter didn’t win a single match, so it was expected, but PS took part in the qualifiers. Unfortunately, the team couldn’t show its prowess and lost 2 matches. Consequently, it must take part in the open qualifiers and earn a DPC Division II spot.

Dota 2 DPC North America Division II Week 3 Overview
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