Dota 2: DPC NA Regional Finals LB Round 1 & UB Finals

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Dota 2: DPC NA Regional Finals LB Round 1 & UB Finals

We bring you a detailed recap of Dota 2 NA Regional Finals LB Round 1 & UB Finals.

On the first day of North American Dota 2 competition, we saw TSM play amazingly well. Quincy Crew have also been as tough to beat as ever. On the second day, we see how TSM fared against the mighty Quincy. The LB had Evil Geniuses look for their first win against 4 Zoomers.

4 Zoomers Vs Evil Geniuses

EG started the first match with positive momentum. Dictating the early game, EG had a 4k gold lead at around 15 minutes into the game. They were playing aggressively around the map and had a lot of confidence in doing so. After 30 minutes, EG had 8k gold lead with an Aegis on Storm Spirit. Once EG went for Zoomer’s high ground defenses, the former had very little to offer. EG won the first match with a score of 32-20 in 41 minutes.

Zoomers made a huge mistake by letting EG pick Outworld Destroyer in the second game. This rendered both Timbersaw and Lone Druid useless in fights and they had to avoid OD most of the time. This made taking fights extremely difficult for Zoomers. At around 14 minutes, EG were 4k gold ahead and also had Aegis. They kept pushing Zoomers back and won most of the fights. With such an enormous advantage, Zoomers couldn’t come back into the game and EG won with a score of 37-13 in 32 minutes.

Quincy Crew Vs TSM

The first match saw TSM play in a very attacking manner from the start. However, QC were not very far from it and were responding well. The only problem they had was subsequent kills on their Naga Siren. QC also had a net worth advantage around the 15-minute mark, but TSM were catching quickly. At around 28 minutes into the game, TSM got the advantage over QC and used it to push high ground. Although QC tried really hard to come back into the game, TSM were just too far ahead and gave little space. The ending score was 32-25 in 36 minutes.

TSM were on fire in the second match as well. They were making quick rotations and securing kills beautifully. However, QC had some great scaling heroes like Leshrac and Luna along with Io who was helping them scale faster. QC soon got a lead in net worth and had an Aegis to support their quest towards objectives. Around the 28 minute mark, a huge fight broke out which forced QC to buyback with Leshrac and Io. In the end, QC could win the fight and push high ground. QC dominated the game after that and won 27-19 in 35 minutes.

TSM played some of the best minutes in the early part of the third match. Their plays tipped the advantage in the team’s favor, giving them a 4k gold lead at just 9 minutes into the game. Unable to do much against TSM’s cruel draft, QC had to play passively. At around 15 minutes, TSM had a 10k gold advantage and were destroying QC. The score at the end was 4-26 in 20 minutes. TSM won 2-1 against Quincy Crew after playing unbelievably well.

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