Dota 2: DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 5 Results

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Dota 2: DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 5 Results

A brief look at the DPC NA matches in the fifth week of the Dota 2 tour.

We see TSM lead with an undefeated record in the first division. Evil Geniuses and Quincy Crew share the second spot. 5RATFORCESTAFF lead the second division followed by The Mystery Machine and felt in second and third place, respectively. Here result from the games in the fifth week.

Division I

Team DogChamp Vs 4 Zoomers

4 Zoomers got ahead after the laning stage of the first match. After cementing a solid advantage, they took objectives and choked DogChamp from having any space on the map. The score in the end was 33-6 in 21 minutes.

The second match was also one-sided. Zoomers started dominating DogChamp right from the laning stage. After getting ahead, Zoomers kept stacking more gold on top of their significant advantage. The final score was 12-46 in 36 minutes with Zoomers winning the series 2-0.

The Cut Vs Wildcard Gaming

We saw a very active first match where both teams were engaging in fights in the early minutes. Wildcard were first to get ahead with some exceptional Chronos from Faceless Void in sync with follow up from his team. They won the match with a score of 12-40 in 38 minutes.

Wildcard Gaming were aggressive from the start of their second match. A poor laning phase meant The Cut had already lost vital net worth and their chances to get a solid start. A solid draft from Wildcard enabled them to dominate the game and win 31-9 in 27 minutes.

Quincy Crew Vs simply TOOBASED

Simply TOOBASED are struggling in the DPC and time sadly doesn’t seem on their side. Quincy had very little trouble in the first match, where they slowly gained control and completely dominated the mid-game to win. The score was 7-28 in 22 minutes.

The second match had a slow start, which changed after the laning phase was over. Fights were taking place constantly, but it was QC who were reaping the advantage. Even with good fights, sT remained behind in net worth and lacked a quick farming style hero. QC won the match with a score of 38-16 in 29 minutes.

TSM Vs Evil Geniuses

The first match had EG on a decent start, but TSM were clever to get a net worth advantage. Although the score looked even, TSM had a massive gold lead in the mid game, which they used to win comfortably. The score of the first match was 14-22 in 47 minutes.

The second match drew a completely different result. EG were way ahead in the early game and got a one-sided win. TSM lacked damage in the fights and that had a major effect on their performance. The score in the end was 3-17 in 32 minutes.

EG had a great start to the last match too. However, a fight around the 20-minute mark gave TSM a chance to come back in the game. Later, TSM took on Roshan, which helped them gain more advantage and win 28-19 in 47 minutes.

Division II

Black N Yellow Vs KBU.US

KBU took the first match with their Chaos Knight pick. BNY had great counter picks to CK, but KBU pulled through with the help of Lina and Monkey King. After gaining a good amount of gold advantage, KBU took down the objectives and won 15-37 in 37 minutes.

BNY responded well in the second match. They had a good foothold right from the beginning of the match. After establishing a net worth lead, they took Roshan and won the match 23-29 in 37 minutes.

The last game was very thrilling in the laning phase. Both teams were continuously fighting and the match was looking very much in favor of BNY. Their team never looked back after being ahead and owned the game. The final score was 31-15 in 27 minutes.

The Mystery Machine Vs 5RATFORCESTAFF

5RFS dominated the first match and got a one-sided victory against The Mystery Machine. They got the net worth advantage right after the laning stage and continued to convert the momentum into a win. The score was 35-11 in 30 minutes.

The next match also had 5RFS written all over it. Getting 15 kills on their Pangolier, 5RFS won the match with a score of 10-30 in less than 30 minutes. They also had their late game secured with Medusa getting a lot of space and farm.

Stratyk Gaming Vs 5ManMidas

5ManMidas took their time getting ahead in the first match. Stratyk were playing well to keep 5MM at bay, but after 30 minutes, the match took a major turn. Once ahead, 5MM won the match with a score of 48-26 in 42 minutes.

The second match was short and straightforward for 5MM. They took an early lead in the match and converted it into a win. Their draft was much better than Stratyk, who struggled against the high physical damage. The score in the end was 25-11 in 25 minutes.

Arkosh Gaming Vs Felt

We saw a well balanced first match between these two from the early to mid game. However, felt took the lead after securing the Aegis and winning fights after 25 minutes in the game. They won the match with a score of 39-58 in 56 minutes.

Both Arkosh and felt were going back-and-forth, presenting us with a competitive match. However, felt took the lead and dominated a major part of the match. Arkosh did well to come back from behind and win later. The score read 30-36 in 39 minutes.

Arkosh scored a one-sided win in the third match. The score was 19-42 in 35 minutes. It was mainly their mid Void Spirit snowballing after a great laning phase. With a score of 21-2, the Void Spirit was running rampant across the map. It was almost impossible for felt to covert the game into a win.

KBU.US Vs The Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine got a clean victory in the first match. They scored 42-20 in 38 minutes. Ember Spirit, Enchantress and Tiny dominated the match. The second match was also very short, KBU let TMM pick Ember yet again. Despite winning mid, Dragon Knight from KBU couldn’t affect the game. Ember from TMM had a lot of contributions to the score. TMM won 29-17 in 27 minutes.

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