DOTA 2: DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 4 Results

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DOTA 2: DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 4 Results

A recap of the second tour of Dota 2 Pro Circuit matches in the SEA region.

The DPC NA scene has had an expected outcome in the fourth week of matches. Evil Geniuses and TSM share the first spot on the table, while Quincy Crew is in third place. In the second division, we see 5RATFORCESTAFF on the top of the table, followed by felt and The Mystery Machine in the second spot. Here are the results for matches in the NA region:

Division I

Quincy Crew Vs The Cut

The first match saw QC play well with their Mars and Luna lineup. Both heroes had a great advantage in the game and won it 36-21 in 42 minutes. The Cut were responding well in fights, but a fight around the 27-minute mark proved to be a bad one for them. They lost the fight and were at a net worth disadvantage after that. The second match saw The Cut scrambling for space with their farming cores in the mid game. Although they were doing well in the early minutes, the game didn't take long to turn towards the worst possible way for them. QC picked a strong early game draft and that won them the match. The score was 12-22 in 34 minutes.

4 Zoomers Vs TSM

TSM crumbled in the first match. Zoomers had strong early game heroes like Pugna, Mirana and Dragon Knight which controlled the pace of the game. An aggressive playstyle from Zoomers proved difficult for TSM's Medusa. With a massive net worth advantage and control over space on the map, Zoomers had the upper-hand. Once Wraith King had farm it was all over for TSM and they lost 16-37 in 48 minutes.

The second match saw TSM bounce back and win 10-27 in 34 minutes. They picked a lot of hefty heroes which were hard to kill for Zoomers even though they had Drow Ranger and Lone Druid. After getting confidence from their win, TSM stomped Zoomers in the last match also. TSM had a lot of heavy burst damage which caused a lot of problems for enemy heroes like Faceless Void, Bane and Chen. TSM won the match with a score of 12-28 in a 30-minute game.

Wildcard Gaming Vs Team DogChamp


Wildcard Gaming got a convincing victory over Team DogChamp in the first match. It was mainly their brilliant draft, which worked out well. They also played in the face of DogChamp in the early minutes and established control over time. The score in the first game was 35-15 in 34 minutes. DogChamp struggled in the second game as well. Their draft wasn’t working against Wildcard’s Timbersaw and later Luna finished the game. Right from the start of laning stage, we saw Wildcard playing strong and ruining the lanes for DogChamp. They went on to lose the match 17-42 in 34 minutes.

Evil Geniuses Vs Quincy Crew

One of the most surprising series of this week. Quincy Crew gave a poor performance and lost in two one-sided games against Evil Geniuses. The first match started badly for QC as they made many mistakes in the early game. EG was composed and took advantage of QC’s shaky plays. Getting an early lead, EG was quick to take towers and choke QC from free space around the map. EG won with a score of 4-23 in 29 minutes.

The second match saw a classic EG lineup with Storm Spirit and Terrorblade. Unfortunately for QC, the game was very similar to the first one. The early game saw both teams planning pickoffs to take a lead. It was EG who got the advantage first and used it to cruise through the rest of the match. The score was 28-9 in 26 minutes.

The Cut Vs simply TOOBASED

The Cut took the lead after the laning stage of their first match. The initial boost in net worth helped them dominate the game and take objectives around the map. ST was also determined and caused a lot of problems for The Cut by defending well. However, they couldn’t stop them completely and lost 20-33 in 57 minutes.

The Cut got ahead in the second match yet again. However, even with Aegis and significant net worth advantage, it was becoming difficult for them to push high ground. The Cut’s Keeper Of Light also had a disconnection issue, which was added to the challenge. ST bounced back after wiping The Cut’s entire team and won 33-20 in 46 minutes.

The third match was much shorter and straightforward. The Cut had a net worth advantage in the mid-game, which they successfully converted into a win. In 34 minutes, the score was 11-31.

Division II

The Mystery Machine Vs Black N Yellow

The first match between The Mystery Machine and Black N Yellow went on for a long time. It was a competitive match with TMM winning 47-36 after an hour-long war. The second match was also 45 minutes long, with TMM winning the series and scoring 42-25.

Arkosh Gaming Vs KBU.US

KBU.US had a straightforward win in the first match. They dominated with Chaos Knight and Tiny before requiring any help from Anti Mage. In 31 minutes, the score was 15-33. The second match was one-sided, with Arkosh falling apart completely. In 26 minutes, the score was 52-11.


5RFS used their early lead to win the first match. They had a good start, which helped them sustain any comeback attempts from BNY. The score was 15-39 in 35 minutes. 5RFS stomped BNY in the second match. The latter could only get one kill on the scoreboard and called “GG” just before 15 minutes. The score was 12-1 in the end.

5ManMidas Vs The Mystery Machine

TMM took the first match with a 21-34 win in 34 minutes. They got a net worth advantage early and slowly took charge of the game. The second match saw TMM winning in a one-sided fashion. 5MM’s draft fell apart, and they lost 13-46 in 26 minutes.

Felt Vs Stratyk Gaming

The first match saw felt winning 17-31 in 34 minutes. Storm Spirit, Rubik and Tiny had a nice game going for them. However, Stratyk was brutal in the second match as they stomped fell 38-8 in 29 minutes. The third and deciding match was full of action. It was a high-scoring match for felt, who won 22-53 in 35 minutes.

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