Dota 2: DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 1 Results

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Dota 2: DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 1 Results

A recap of the second tour of Dota 2 Pro Circuit matches in the NA region.

The first week of Dota 2 games have started in the circuit. We see strong performances from Evil Geniuses, Zoomers, Quincy Crew and TSM. The second division also had some interesting matches. Here are the results of games during the first week.

Division I

Quincy Crew Vs Wildcard Gaming

Wildcard Gaming had a tough time against QC in their opening series of matches. Quincy took the lead and stomped them in the first game. The scoreline read 33-15 in a 31-minute long match. The second match was high paced right from the start. However, Wildcard fell behind and QC took the advantage with an Aegis before 20 minutes. With each passing minute, QC were piling up the net worth. The scoreline in the end was 30-44 in 57 minutes.

4 Zoomers Vs simply TOOBASED

4 Zoomers were very aggressive in the first match. After establishing a lead in the game, Zoomers pushed high ground before the 20-minute mark. The match ended 13-35 in 31 minutes.

The second match saw Zoomers struggling to get a hold in the game. ST were roaming around the map picking off heroes and that helped them gain more advantage. They won the game 22-49 in about 44 minutes.

The deciding game saw 4 Zoomers take the net worth lead and crush sT with some quick momentum build-up. With a late game carry, sT couldn’t react and lost 47-13 in 41 minutes.

Evil Geniuses Vs The Cut

EG dominated the scoreline of the first match with important kills in the early game. However, The Cut were not very far in net worth and caught up to EG after 30 minutes in the game. Once behind, EG struggled to come back and lost 37-39 in 57 minutes.

After a loss in the first match, EG were quick to take the lead in the second one. They also kept the lead and increase it to see off the match with a win. With a 21-47 score, EG won the second game.

The last match also went in EG’s favor. Important rotations and winning the laning stage guaranteed EG’s lead in the match. The one-sided match ended with a score of 29-13 in 30 minutes.

TSM Vs Team DogChamp

TSM had a pretty convincing victory over DogChamp in the first match. Getting an early lead and converting it perfectly to gain a bigger advantage in the game. TSM won 12-40 in 29 minutes.

The second match saw better performance from DogChamp, but it was too tough to close the game for them. TSM were also fighting back really well. The ending scoreline was 25-46 in TSM’s favor.

Evil Geniuses Vs Wildcard Gaming

Wildcard gave a solid challenge to EG and made it extremely difficult for them to win the first match. There were a few momentum shifts in the match, but it was EG who won the game. The scoreline was 34-31 in 48 minutes.

The second match was one-sided as EG ripped through Wildcard Gaming, winning the game in 23 minutes. The score read 9-32.

Division II

Black N Yellow Vs The Mystery Machine

TMM had a solid lineup, and they proved that with an early lead in the game. Having very strong early game heroes helped them get a massive advantage which they used to push and win the match in 30 minutes. The scoreline read 8-30.

TMM took their time to get a lead in the second match. After 16 minutes, they got themselves a net worth advantage. Once ahead, TMM completely crush BNY to win the match 60-28 in 43 minutes.

KBU.US Vs Stratyk Gaming

KBU.US won the first match in about a 47-minute long game. Although KBU were in the lead, the game was very much in balance for the majority of time. It was only towards the late game that Stratyk lost a few fights to lose 32-54.

The second match saw KBU take the lead post laning stage. However, they made a few mistakes which cost them the momentum and lead they took. After a huge comeback in the late game, Stratyk won the match 34-48 in 45 minutes.

The last match was neck to neck in the early game, but Stratyk soon took the lead. After the advantage, they didn’t look back and rolled over KBU. The scoreline was 35-49 in 41 minutes.

Arkosh Gaming Vs 5ManMidas

Arkosh got a convincing win in the first match with a score of 31-23 in 33 minutes. However, 5ManMidas responded with a strong win by dominating Arkosh in the second match. The score was 11-46 in 30 minutes. Arkosh returned the favor in the last match. The scoreline read 31-13 in 26 minutes.


5RFS picked a mid-game lead to win the first match against felt. The score was 32-10 in 41 minutes. The second match was a lot more even in the early game. However, 5RFS started pulling ahead in the mid-game. With a 18-42 scoreline in their favor, 5RFS won the series.

The Mystery Machine Vs Stratyk Gaming

Both teams played well in the first match with equal footings. TMM got the positive momentum first to win the game 34-21 in 32 minutes. The second match was an hour long as the two teams battled throughout to conquer objectives. TMM registered the win with 41-27 on the scoreboard.

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