Dota 2: DPC Eastern Europe Regional Finals LB Final & Grand Final

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Dota 2: DPC Eastern Europe Regional Finals LB Final & Grand Final

All the highlights from the DPC Regional Finals in Eastern Europe.

Following yesterday’s action, it was time to learn which team will become the champion in Eastern Europe. Team Spirit failed to win their first match in the Upper Bracket, which is why they had to survive in the LB. Fortunately, the team eliminated PukChamp in R1, so it was time for them to face HellRaisers, the team that sent them in the LB in the first place.

HellRaisers were happy after their victory, but the team was unable to overcome the powerful Virtus.Pro. The latter is the first finalist, but before we had the chance to watch the final, we witnessed the match between Team Spirit and HR. Let’s go over everything that happened in both games.

Team Spirit vs HellRaisers

As mentioned earlier, Team Spirit was eager to win this game, especially after HR removed them from the lower bracket.

Game One

The first game between the two seemed even on paper, but after the laning stage came to an end, it was apparent that Team Spirit would win.

The team focused their draft against Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk’s Luna. Needless to say, Team Spirit were trying to end the game as much as possible because they had to go up against PL and Ember. 

After securing a kill on Roshan, Team Spirit destroyed a couple of towers and increased their lead even more. Both teams were waiting for Roshan to spawn, so it wasn’t surprising that they decided to take a massive team fight. As expected, Team Spirit had little to no problems and killed HR’s roster, followed by a kill on Roshan. This gave them enough firepower to secure themselves two lanes of rax and the first win in the series.

Game Two

After winning the first game in the series, Team Spirit decided to try a new strategy with MK and DS. On the other hand, HellRaisers used some of their most dominant heroes, such as Razor and Lina. 

As expected, neither team took any unnecessary risks, especially early on. Lucky for TS, their draft allowed them to be more active early on, which is why they tried to force as many fights as possible. Despite dying a couple of times, Team Spirit won the majority of the skirmishes, which allowed them to gain a 5k+ net worth advantage just 20 minutes after the start of the game.

Team Spirit’s lead increased even more in the next couple of minutes. TI 10 champions outmaneuvered their opponents a couple of times and didn’t allow them to utilize their roster. Following a series of dominating team fights, Team Spirits eliminated HellRaisers and secured themselves a spot for the Grand Final against Virtus.Pro

The Grand Final

VP used to be the most dominant squad in CIS, so it and Team Spirit were highly anticipated. Despite the fact that TS won against their opponents in Division I, VP played really well in the first two matches in the Regional Finals.

Game One

Game one was more interesting than we thought, considering TS picked heroes, such as Drow Ranger, OD, and QoP. Neither team was able to secure a lead until the 18th minute of the game when TS won a critical team fight in the mid-lane. This was when TR’s lead started to grow slowly and steadily.

A couple of minutes later, TI 10 champions already had a substantial lead and even secured themselves a kill on Roshan. VP did everything they could to bounce back, but Team Spirit’s damage was just too much. In the end, VP decided to use the GG call and try to recover in the second game of the series.

Game Two

Despite losing in the first game of the series, VP decided to pick Invoker one more time. On the other hand, Team Spirit changed their strategy and went with the meta heroes. Virtus.Pro played better in the laning stage, which gave the team a slight advantage over its opponents. 

It seems like the lead was enough because VP managed to get an Aegis and started pushing their opponents. However, an awful team fight on the bot lane allowed VP to secure three very important kills and bounce back.

After catching up in terms of net worth, Team Spirit gained a massive advantage of more than 20k net worth. Virtus.Pro’s cores were in the lead in the mid game, but they had no chance against Team Spirit’s overfly-farmed heroes. In the end, TS secured themselves the second victory in this series and were one game away from the trophy.

Game Three

After winning the last two games, Team Spirit decided it was time to finish their opponents. That’s why the TI 10 winning roster picked some of the best heroes in the current meta, which allowed them to dominate the laning stage.

VP did everything they could to prevent their opponents from shining, but Team Spirit completely ripped through them. Templar Assassin and Kunkka were just too strong and destroyed everyone on VP’s side. 

We expected this game to be close, but Team Spirit needed just 18 minutes to win it. VP had no way of bouncing back, so they decided that there was no point in feeding their opponents. Despite the two impressive victories in the first two rounds, Danil “gpk” Skutin and the rest were unable to overcome the obstacle called Team Spirit.

Yatoro and the rest proved to everyone yet again that they are the best team in Eastern Europe and one of the best in the world

Dota 2: DPC Eastern Europe Regional Finals LB Final & Grand Final
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