Dota 2 DPC Eastern Europe Division II Week 3 Overview

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Dota 2 DPC Eastern Europe Division II Week 3 Overview

All the action from Week 3 of the DPC in Eastern Europe.

Week 3 of Eastern Europe’s Division II wasn’t as exciting as some of the other regions. Sure, we had the chance to watch a few exciting matches, but the teams most people considered the favorites eventually won their matches.

With that said, some matches were slightly more intriguing than others, which is why we’ve decided to share more information about them. Make sure to follow for more details on The Lima Major because the first big event of the 2023 DPC is just around the corner.

HYDRA qualified for Division I

One of the teams that we will be able to watch in the 2023 DPC EEU Tour 2 Division is HYDRA. Worick and the rest have been among the most dominating teams in the region and won all 5 matches after Week 1 and 2. What’s even more impressive is that the team also won its first series of Week 3.

We expected the match vs RISE Esports to be interesting because the latter have shown they can defeat teams that are better than them. Sadly, it seems like HYDRA was way more motivated to win this match than their opponents.

The first game was 35 minutes, and even though RISE had a fantastic draft, it was HYDRA’s Enigma and Primal Beast combo that won. There were a few moments when the EEU squad almost lost, but in the end, the team prevailed.

After winning the first game, HYDRA was way more motivated for the second one because it needed one victory to win the match and qualify for Division I. Consequently, the team got some of their best heroes for the second match.

Following the fairly one-sided laning stage, HYDRA ripped through their competitors in just 25 minutes. RISE had no way of containing their opponents’ ambitions, which is why the team lost the match.

YNT, RISE Esports and cybercats will remain in Division II

Following HYDRA’s triumph and the fact that the team will be a part of Division I, it was time to take a look at the other teams in Division II. Starting with cybercats, the latter lost their first 4 series of the 2033 EEU DPC, so we expected to see them in the bottom two. However, the team magically bounced back and won 3 consecutive series, including 2 matches in Week 3.

After defeating RISE Esports and HF, alberkaaa and the rest saved themselves from elimination. This means we will see them again in Tour 2.

Speaking of seeing someone again, the same applies to RISE Esports. Although the latter started Division II with a loss, the team quickly recovered and secured 3 consecutive victories. We expected them to be one of the 2 squads that would go to Division I, but the team’s poor performance in Week 3 prevented this from happening.

YNT is the last team that will remain in Division II. The team’s shaky performance during Week 1 and 2 didn’t allow it to secure itself a comfortable lead. Sadly, the team couldn’t live up to the expectations in Week 3 either because it lost against Sigma YNT and PuckChamp.

PuckChamp are back in Division I

Even though HYDRA was the most dominant team in Eastern Europe’s Division II, the second squad that secured a slot for Division I is also impressive. PuckChamp was the most popular name in EEU’s Div II because the squad was in Division I last year. As a result, people expected it to have little to no problems.

Even though young G and the rest started with a loss, the team quickly bounced back and won all series after that. In week 3, PC had 3 fights, and the first one was versus X3. As expected, the series was extremely one-sided, especially in the second game, where PC used the infamous Lich and Ursa combo.

After defeating X3, PuckChamp’s second challenge was YNT. This series was way more intense because we saw 3 epic games where both teams used everything they had to win. YNT defeated their counterparts in the first match, but the latter bounced back in games 2 and 3.

What’s interesting about the third one is that PC used Pudge and OD, two heroes we don’t see often. They definitely caught their opponents by surprise.

The match against HYDRA


Although HYDRA already qualified for Eastern Europe’s 2023 DPC Division I, the team had one last challenge to face – PuckChamp. This was undoubtedly the most interesting series so far because these two teams are the best in Division II.

We expected the two teams to give everything they had, so we weren’t surprised by the two amazing games. Speaking of the devil, the first one was more than 40 minutes, during which we had the chance to watch tons of things.

Interestingly, HYDRA used their popular draft with Slark and IO, two heroes that work really well together. Despite the strong draft, PuckChamp’s Ursa and Silencer draft was too powerful. Despite the somewhat slow start, the team eventually got in control and won the map.

After losing the first game, HYDRA decided to “wake up” and got a very solid draft. It didn’t take long for the squad to rip through its opponents because it won after just 20 minutes of play.

Following the quick victory, HYDRA looked more motivated than ever and also won the third map. It wasn’t as easy as the second one, but in the end, HYDRA won and finished the series without losing a single series.

PuckChamp and HYDRA secured the slots for Division I, but some teams weren’t so lucky. Unfortunately, HF and X3 weren’t able to live up to the expectations, and the squads were eliminated from the Eastern Europe DPC Division II.

As for the rest, RISE Esports, YNT, cybercats, and Sigma.YNT will remain in Division II for Tour 2. We’re yet to see whether the two squads can use their experience to their advantage.

Dota 2 DPC Eastern Europe Division II Week 3 Overview
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