Dota 2 DPC Eastern Europe Division II Week 2 Recap

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Dota 2 DPC Eastern Europe Division II Week 2 Recap

Following Week 1’s results in DPC Eastern Europe Division II, it was time for some of the best teams in the region to focus on Week 2. This one was crucial for several teams because they had to win their matches in order to achieve their goals. Unsurprisingly, doing this is not that easy because EEU”s Division II has a couple of huge names.

In case you’ve missed out on the Week 1 recap, HYDRA had no competition and finished first in Division II. With that said, PuckChamp and RISE Esports also looked motivated, which made Week 2 of this DPC even more interesting to watch.

Now that the action in Week 2 is over, let’s go through some of the most important things you should remember. 

HYDRA defeated YNT


Even though HYDRA is one of the big names in EEU’s Division II, we didn’t expect it to perform as impressive as it did in Week 1. After the matches were over, HYDRA actually became the big favorite to secure a slot for Division I. In addition to the 3 victories in Week 1, dream’ and the rest also started with an easy victory versus YNT.

This series was much more intriguing than expected, but not because of the match itself. It seems like there is some sort of bad blood between these teams because they’ve started pausing the games for no reason. Interestingly, YNT received a level 1 penalty for doing it, whereas their opponents got a level 2 penalty because they also left the webcam while the game was paused.

As for the series itself, HYDRA had no problem in the first game and won after just 31 minutes of play. However, the second match of the series was way more intense, and it lasted for 1 hour. 

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It seemed like YNT had a more suitable draft for the late game, which is why we expected the team to win. However, HYDRA’s experience allowed the team to take advantage of a major mistake from Egor and the rest, which was enough for the team to win this controversial series.

Rise won its match versus X3

Even though HYDRA is leading the chart when it comes down to EEU’s Division II, there are 2 more teams that have what it takes to go to Division I, and RISE Esports is among them. After securing 2 victories and 1 loss in Week 1, it was time for the squad to step up its game if it wanted to secure a top 2 finish.

Interestingly, the team started with an impressive victory against X3 in a series that had 3 games. The first and the third ones were definitely easier for RISE because the team controlled everything. To be honest, the second one also looked good for Dodren and co., but the team made a big mistake that allowed their enemies to win the map.

Although this series didn’t seem that important, it was crucial for RISE because the squad’s next challenge was none other than PuckChamp. Speaking of the devil, the latter also won its first match of the week.

PuckChamp defeated HF & RISE


Although we expected HF to be among the challengers for the Division I slot, it seems like the team won’t be able to secure it this time around. Following week 1, HF lost 2 matches, and the team also lost its first one in Week 2 against PuckChamp.

The first series between the 2 was brutal to watch because young G and the rest ripped through their enemies like a knife through butter. The team needed just 25 minutes to win the first map and focus on the second one.

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Speaking of the devil, this is where the series got more interesting because PuckChamp actually lost the second map. Things started well for them, but HF eventually took over and used their advantage to win. The last nail in the coffin was a big team fight 47 minutes after the start, allowing the team to equalize the match.

The good news for Malik and co. is that PC defeated their opponents in the series' third game. Although HF tried surprising them by getting Spectre, PC was prepared and picked Slark. As expected, this hero quickly snowballed out of control and allowed his team to win the match. 

The match vs RISE

Following the difficult victory against HF, PuckChamp had another challenging series, this time, it was against RISE Esports. This match was way more important than most people thought because PC and Rise were neck and neck in Division II, and both had equal chances of qualifying for Division I.

As expected, neither squad wanted to go down without a fight, which explains why both teams gave everything they had in the two matches. Both maps lasted for around 54 minutes, during which we got the chance to watch all sorts of epic moments.

What’s interesting is that PuckChamp won the second one with Pudge, a hero that hasn’t been that popular lately. Although he was the go-to carry in the current meta, it seems like show teams still use him every now and then.

Final Thoughts

After the end of the action in EEU’s DPC Division II, HYDRA and PuckChamp are leading the chart. However,m the latter is followed closely by RISE Esports, Sigma.YNT and YNT. All of those teams have the same W/L ratio, meaning we will have to wait until the end of Week 3 to see what will happen.

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