Dota 2: DPC China Tour 2: Division I & II Week 5 Results

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Dota 2: DPC China Tour 2: Division I & II Week 5 Results

Following last week’s disappointing postpones and the fact that we only watched two matches, it was time for a proper Chinese Dota 2 action.

The fourth week gave us access to 15 matches in Division I and Division II. Some were definitely better than others, especially those in the first division. Instead of a few sentences about every match, we will go over some of the more popular ones. So, here are the events you should have paid attention to.


Division I

Vici Gaming vs Team Aster

Unsurprisingly, we want to start this article with the epic battle between two of the best in China in the last couple of years. Even though the two teams are not performing as well as they’d like, they still have chances to attend the upcoming Major.

Vici Gaming and Team Aster gave us a three-game thriller where we saw tons of cool things. This is one of the few regions where Invoker continues to be the go-to option for some mid laners, and we saw that in the first game. Vici Gaming decided to get Invoker versus Alchemist, a hero that no one expected to see.

Although Team Aster tried to make him work, Vici did not allow the hero to take advantage of his crazy farming speed. They’ve killed him and his teammates a couple of times, which gave them the needed advantage to win the first game of the series.

After winning game one, Vici decided to pick Clinkz and Ember. Although they usually succeed with them, they had to play against Templar Assassin and Storm Spirit. Needless to say, these two heroes ripped through their opponents and allowed Aster to equalize the series.

Game three was even more exciting than the second one because we saw a major comeback. Team Aster’s draft was perfect on paper, so it wasn't surprising the team had a good start. Sadly, the deadly Puck and Naix combo allowed their opponents to bounce back and gain a lead. Vici Gaming played slowly and steadily, and in the end, they secured a comfortable lead. This allowed them to close the series and win a crucial match.

EHOME vs Xtreme

The second series was scheduled for April 10, but it was postponed due to the lockdown. EHOME and Xtreme Gaming are also two teams that have the chance to go to the ESL One Stockholm 2022.

The first match between the two started well for EHOME, but in the end, Ren “old eLeVeN” Yangwei and the rest won the map. Despite the slow start from Morphling and Death Prophet, their team gave them enough space to accumulate the needed farm. EHOME’s early game lineup failed to live up to the expectations as the team was unable to leave its mark.

After the disappointing loss, Tiny and Void Spirit restored EHOME’s chances of winning this series in game two. We thought that Extreme would have no problems against their opponents because they had TA and Invoker. However. Several mistakes in the laning stage prevented them from showing their prowess, which allowed EHOME to bounceback

Finally, it was time for the last game of the series, where Xtreme got its hands on the TA once again. This time, the team also had Huskar, Mars, and Abaddon. As expected, they had absolutely no issues dealing with the mid-game focused roster of EHOME. Despite having Razor and WK, these two heroes stood no chance against the strongest cores in the current meta.

PSG.LGD vs Royal Never Give Up

This was the most anticipated series in Tour 2 because the best teams in China finally had to go up against each other. We expected to see a three-game series, but PSG.LGD was the better team this day and secured a very important victory.

The first couple of minutes of the laning stage were ok, but this is when things started going well for Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida and the rest. The team got a massive 3k net worth advantage just 12 minutes after the start of the game. Needless to say, this didn’t give RNGU’s Medusa the needed space to get the item she needed.

Interestingly, Royal Never Give Up had a glimmer of hope in the mid-game after winning a few fights. However, this was not enough to overcome their opponent as LGD took the lead in the series.

With their backs against the wall, Chong “FelixCiaoBa” Wei Lun changed their draft and decided to get Storm for their mid laner. Sadly, even this hero was unable to help his team because LGD had a solid draft. They also wanted to play for the mid game and picked Ursa + Puck.

Unlike the situation in-game one where RNGU almost bounced back, PSG.LGD didn’t let their opponents any opportunities to make a comeback. Slowly but steadily, PSG’s Ursa and Doom almost doubled the net worth of RNGU’s cores. A few minutes later, Ursa got Roshan and gave PSG the victory.

Division II

Ybb vs DEC

There were a few intriguing events in Division II, and one of them was between Ybb Gaming and Dandelion Esports Club. The latter is yet to lose a single match, so everyone expected to dominate. Even though the team won the series, the event was not easy because they had to bounce back.

Surprisingly, the first game of the series went in favor of Juggernaut and the rest. DEC tried to use an interesting Drow start with DP, but the two heroes were unable to live up to the expectations. Despite the strong start., Ybb’s carry got way too big, even for Drow Ranger.

DEC’s draft was similar in game two, but this time, they’ve swapped Drow for Naix. It seems like this was the right idea because the hero easily carried his team to victory, despite playing against Storm and Morphling.

Lastly, game three was the most one-sided in the series because DEC had controlled it since the beginning. The team assured it would have a solid mid and late game by getting Storm and Medusa. Ybb tried to counter this draft with Batrider, but even the cheesy pick was not powerful enough.

Dota 2: DPC China Tour 2: Division I & II Week 5 Results
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