Dota 2: DPC China Regional Lower Bracket & Grand Finals

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Dota 2: DPC China Regional Lower Bracket & Grand Finals

The Dota 2 DPC Regional Finals in China region draw to a close.

On the second day of China’s Dota 2 Regional Finals, we saw Royal Never Give Up getting stomped 2-0 by PSG.LGD. In the first round of Lower Bracket, EHOME couldn’t defeat Team Aster and lost 2-1. With Aster getting some confidence after a win and RNG getting the short end of the stick, we go into the last day. Let’s have a closer look at the drama.

Royal Never Give Up Vs Team Aster


We saw a very energetic start from both teams in the first match. In fact, the two teams were fighting on equal grounds even in the mid-game. However, around the 28-minute mark, both teams got into a massive fight and RNG got the better of Aster. Troll Warlord was melting Aster’s carry Wraith King, and it was very difficult to stop RNG with the other cores around. With a gold lead of 7k in 30 minutes, RNG continued to pressure Aster and won the match. The ending score line was 17-13 in 30 minutes.

The second game saw RNG having a slight advantage from the early minutes. At around 12 minutes, RNG had a 3k gold lead and Aster were struggling hard to contest them. Weaver taking over as a support and Templar Assassin having a lot of farm were some of the biggest problems for Aster. RNG were well ahead by 10k gold at around 25 minutes and although Aster tried their best in fights, it was proving extremely difficult to get any positives. The ending score line was 35-10 in 35 minutes. RNG went through to the Grand Finals.

PSG.LGD Vs Royal Never Give Up

Both parties had interesting drafts in the first match. The lineups from both the teams did not look weak. The match started with the two teams having a few fights and skirmishes. Although LGD picked up the Aegis first, they could not be productive with it. RNG had a 4k gold lead at around 24 minutes into the game. Without making too many mistakes, RNG captured objectives and dominated the first match. The score in the end was 13-29.

The second match saw both teams neck to neck in the opening minutes to mid-game. At around 32 minutes into the game, RNG got trashed in the quest to take Roshan and LGD took the Aegis. That move completely turned the match and LGD pushed building and win the game. The ending scoreline was 22-29.

The third match was LGD’s turn to hold the series, and they did it. The early game was active, with both teams fighting for a lead. However, LGD soon started pulling ahead with a 3k gold advantage at around 17 minutes into the game. As the lead developed even more, LGD didn’t look back and stomped RNG hard. The scoreline read 40-12 in the end.

The fourth game had good drafts from both teams. However, LGD played well to get their abilities on cooldown and kill RNG heroes whenever they got a slight chance. At 19 minutes in the game, LGD had a lead for 3-5k gold. However, LGD had a lot of kills in the match and also had Aegis advantage on Phantom Assassin. After the 25th minute, match started slipping away from RNG and LGD prevailed. The ending score was 37-16 in 32 minutes. PSG.LGD defeated RNG to win the Dota 2 Regional Finals of China.

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