Dota 2: DPC China Regional Finals Upper Bracket Round 1

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Dota 2: DPC China Regional Finals Upper Bracket Round 1

A recap of Upper Bracket Round 1 games in Dota 2 China Regional Finals.

The China Regional Finals of Dota 2 are underway with matches from the first round of the Upper Bracket. We see mighty PSG.LGD go against EHOME. The day also includes matches of Team Aster versus Royal Never Give Up. Let’s have a closer look at the games.


The first match saw LGD picking an amazing draft against EHOME. Their picks allowed them to play aggressive, but still maintain good farm along the way. After a fight around the 15-minute mark, LGD took Roshan and were 4k gold ahead. The snow-balling from the aggressive plays in the early game didn’t stop. LGD kept pounding EHOME and were making it look easy. At the end of a 24-minute match, the scoreline read 9-33 in favor of LGD.

Unlike the first match, the second one was much more balanced on both sides. Both teams were having their fair share of fights. Although the net worth was slightly in favor of LGD, it was not a matter of concern. EHOME picked up the pace and were thriving on kills around the 20-minute mark. At around 30 minutes into the game, EHOME were ahead by 8k gold and were carrying the Aegis with them. It looked like they were going to win soon. However, they went too deep in their quest to conquer the barracks of LGD. EHOME were also caught off guard and gave away some precious space and gold to LGD. However, they couldn’t stop EHOME and were stalling to expect more mistakes from LGD. The score in the end was 56-26 in an hour long match.

The last game had LGD playing aggressively in the laning stage. They were successful in ruining Templar Assassin’s lane, who was the safe laner for EHOME. At around 7 minutes in the match, LGD were ahead by 3k gold. The little skirmishes and big fights continued as both teams looked to gain more control over the match. It was LGD who were ahead and around 16 minutes they secured the Roshan. EHOME struggled to get anything out of the game and lost 36-16 to LGD.

Team Aster Vs Royal Never Give Up

The first match saw both teams give a neck to neck fight in the early minutes. However, RNG took the lead in the mid-game. Aster had a net worth almost on par with RNG, but they lost control and space on the map around 20 minutes into the game. With a dominating display, RNG picked up the Aegis and finished the match with a win. The score was 25-10 in 32 minutes.

The second match saw Astor take their revenge. Both teams had decent drafts, but Aster kept making clever plays to pick off RNG heroes. Starting with an early advantage, Aster pulled ahead in net worth. At around 20 minutes, Aster were ahead by 10k gold. Unable to stop Aster’s momentum, RNG called “GG” in 33 minutes with a score of 10-43.

The third match was a disaster for Aster. RNG racked up kills in the early game and that gave them a much-needed advantage. Additionally, the draft favored RNG’s aggressive plays in the early game. They picked up an early Aegis and were ahead by 6k net worth by 20 minutes. At around 27 minutes, Aster tried their hands in a last fight, but did not have any luck. The score line was 33-9 in 29 minutes. RNG won the series 2-1 after playing some amazing Dota.

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