Dota 2: DPC China Division I And Division II Week 2 Results

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Dota 2: DPC China Division I And Division II Week 2 Results

A recap of the second tour of Dota 2 DPC matches in the China region.

The second week of Dota 2 circuit matches in China have been fabulous. We see  PSG.LGD leading, with RNG following them. Xtreme Gaming is also playing well to stay in the second spot. The second division has Dandelion Esport Club at the top, followed by Invictus Gaming and Sparking Arrow Gaming sharing the second spot.

Division I


Royal Never Give Up Vs Vici Gaming

RNG took an early lead and steadily took control of the first match. They locked Vici in their base, who had little space to work with. With RNG taking the first match, the score at the end was 27-10 in 29 minutes.

Vici tried hard to get the second match in the bag with a good lineup. However, the team’s loose play didn’t allow it to take any advantage. RNG had the discipline and kept racking free gold from Vici’s mistakes. The ending scoreline was 28-11 in 37 minutes.


LGD was strong in the first match. They had good chase and catch potential which became a problem for EHOME. The ending scoreline was 19-23 in 32 minutes.

The second match had a similar feel to it. LGD was completely in control of the match and EHOME was scrambling. LGD had a healthy lead right from the early minutes and they converted it into a win. The score was 39-11 in 30 minutes.

Team MagMa Vs Xtreme Gaming

Team MagMa played well to get the first win in the bag. The score was 21-12 in 36 minutes. The second match was a comeback from Xtreme Gaming. It was a tough match for both sides, but Xtreme came on top with a score of 18-37 in 30 minutes. The last match was a stomp. MagMa was helpless as Xtreme Gaming dominated and won 4-25 in 22 minutes.

PSG.LGD Vs Team MagMa

The first match was not much of a challenge for LGD. They controlled the game well and won 11-32 in 32 minutes. However, the second match saw MagMa play wisely. In fact, they were ahead in the early to mid-game. Overextension and poor decision-making gave LGD a way back in the game. MagMa lost 29-28 in almost an hour-long match.

EHOME Vs Royal Never Give Up

EHOME lost the first match as we saw both Invoker and Death Prophet owning their lineup. In 45 minutes, the score was 22-35. The second match was one-sided, as RNG played with confidence and swept past EHOME. The scoreline was 20-9 in a 30-minute match.

Division II

Phoenix Gaming Vs Dandelion Esport Club

Dandelion Esport Club won the first match with a score of 13-30 in 38 minutes. The second match was completely one-sided, with Phoenix struggling to face enemy heroes. The scoreline was 7-22 in 32 minutes.

ShenZhen Vs Aster.Aries

ShenZhen and Aries had an equal footing in the first match. It was only after 30 minutes that we could see ShenZhen taking the lead and winning the game. The score was 23-17 in 43 minutes. Aries bounced back in the second match and won it 32-12 in 34 minutes. The last match also went in favor of Aries with a scoreline of 15-31 in 42 minutes.

Sparking Arrow Gaming Vs Ybb Gaming

Sparking Arrow Gaming got a comfortable victory in the first match. The score read 11-30 in 26 minutes. The second match was more competitive and entertaining. Ybb was winning the match with a massive advantage, but SAG turned the game around. The score was 29-31 in 50 minutes.

ShenZhen Vs Sparking Arrow Gaming

While both teams were playing well, ShenZhen made their advantage count. They extended the lead and won 33-19 in 48 minutes. The second match was a straightforward win for SAG, who won 11-24 in 34 minutes. The deciding match saw both teams playing well to win the series. However, it was ShenZhen who won with a tied score of 20-20 in 44 minutes.

iG Vitality Vs Dandelion Esport Club

The first game was over an hour-long, with both teams refusing to give in. Development on the scoreboard was slow, and we saw the tide of the game turning often. In the end, it was Dandelion Esport Club who won the match with a score of 29-39. The second match was a more convincing win from DEC. The scoreline read 14-46 in 38 minutes.

Stay tuned on ESTNN for results from other regions of Dota 2 Pro Circuit.


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