Dota 2 DPC 2023 North America Division II Week 2 Overview

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Dota 2 DPC 2023 North America Division II Week 2 Overview

All the action from Week 2 in North America's 2023 DPC Division II.

Following the first 2 weeks in North America’s Division II, it is safe to say that this is the most interesting region in Dota 2 right now. While all other areas have at least 1 team that’s way stronger than the rest, here, everyone has equal chances of winning. This became clear following our overview of Week 1’s results, and the same thing happened in Week 2.

The matches in Week 2 were definitely worth watching because many of the results surprised us. So far, there is only one team in North America’s Division II that’s not performing as well as expected, and that’s Eternity. Everyone else has a real chance of finishing in the Top 2 spots, which will grant a slot for Division I.

With that out of the way, here is a good look at what happened in Division II.

Felt recovered from the loss during Week 1

There are a couple of big teams in North America’s Division I, and it’s safe to say that felt is among them. As one of the few names here that was a part of Division I in 2022, felt has proven it has what it takes to be among the best. That’s why it is one of the most intriguing teams to keep track of.

Even though felt lost the first series, the team rose from the ashes and won 3 consecutive series. The first one was during Week 1, whereas the other 2 took place this week. Speaking of victories, felt started its winning streak against Eternity. The latter is the most underperforming team in North America’s Division II, so we weren’t surprised that felt had no problems.

Vs The Cut

After defeating Eternity, it was time for the match vs The Cut. The clash between these two powerhouses was a lot more intriguing than some people thought because they’ve been on several occasions in the 2022 DPC. Chives and the rest had 2 victories prior to this match, which meant it was among the teams that as a chance to qualify for Division I.

The match between the 2 started with an easy victory for felt. Although their draft with Magnus, Ursa, and Ember seemed extremely greedy, The Cut wasn’t able to take advantage of it. On the contrary, the team lost the laning stage, ultimately leading to their downfall.

Despite the loss in game 1, The Cut’s QoP and SB pick was a nightmare to play against in the second game of the match. Felt had a better draft on paper, but it wasn’t powerful enough to stop their opponents from winning.

The good news for Berna and the rest was that the team won the third and decisive map of the series. The squad dominated early on and managed to save its lead until the end. 

CDUB Esports defeated Eternity

As mentioned earlier in this article, the North American 2023 DPC Division II seems to be one of the most interesting ones yet because there are six teams that can finish in the top 2 or be eliminated. CDUB Esports is one of them, but the team got lucky because it had to go up against Eternity. The latter is the only squad in NA’s Division II that has 0 victories so far.

We expected the game to be one-sided, but CDUB Esports gave their opponents absolutely no chances. The first map was slightly more interesting and lasted 29 minutes, but the second one was completely one-sided. Double King and the rest picked the classic Lershrac and Ursa lineup, which is extremely strong in the current meta, and won the match.

This victory was key for CDUB Esports because the squad lost its first match of the week against The Cut. With that said, now that the matches in Division II are over, CDUV Esports is currently 2nd and has the same stats as the first and third teams. 

Another NA Team won 3 matches


Some people considered RRL and his teammates among the hidden favorites in North America’s Division II. However, the team lost both of its series during Week 1, so we thought the squad couldn’t bounce back. Interestingly, ANT proved us wrong because the team won all 3 series in Week 2 and secured itself the first spot in the Group.

Another NA Team started by securing a victory against Fart in a 3-game epic deathmatch. It definitely wasn’t easy, but the squad won, which motivated it to win its subsequent series against Penguin Squad.

This match was much easier for usH and the rest of his team because they won both matches with little to no effort. Game one was slightly more intense due to Penguins Squad’s Templar Assassin and Primal Beast setup. However, Snow- and the rest had no chance of bouncing back in the second game of the series and lost the match.

The last victory for Another NA Team was versus The Cut, and it was probably the most important one yet. We saw an impressive 3-game series, but in the end, ANT won the match, which allowed it to finish first in Division II, at least after the end of Week 2.

We can’t wait to see what will happen during the 3rd decisive week of the North America DPC 2023 Division II. Keep in mind that Team DogChamp didn’t play a single series this week, but the team has 4 challenges ahead of it. The team hasn’t lost a single match yet, so it will be interesting to see what will happen.

Dota 2 DPC 2023 North America Division II Week 2 Overview
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