Dota 2: Dendi Leaves Na’Vi, Becomes a Free Agent

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Dota 2: Dendi Leaves Na’Vi, Becomes a Free Agent

Natus Vincere, also known as Na'Vi, announced today that Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin is leaving the team. Dendi did not play under Na’Vi’s banner in the last DPC season. The legendary mid-laner decided to try his luck elsewhere and he ended up joining a SEA team called Tigers. Even though they had good players, the results were just not there. After a couple of fail attempts to win anything, this team seized to exist.

However, during this entire time, Dendi never officially parted ways with Na’Vi. Unfortunately, from now on, he is officially out of the organization. According to Na’Vi’s official announcement, his contract was terminated at his own request.

“Together with NAVI, I’ve come a long way, with many ups and downs. I’ve made an incredible number of friends, many of whom I’m still in touch with. An unthinkable amount of fond memories.

For me, it’s a huge part of my life and NAVI is in my veins: 8 years of action! But I have new achievements ahead of me. I appreciate and hug everyone, I’ll see you around!” – said the Ukranian superstar.

Here is a special tribute video made for him by Na’Vi:


Dendi’s pro career began in DotA where he played mostly in various online leagues. However, as he began to be more famous, he joined DTS, one of the best DotA teams back then. His journey there only lasted for so long and in 2010, he made the switch to the newly formed Natis Vincere. The rest is history.

Apart from being the most legendary player in his team, Dendi was also an icon for the entire Natus Vincere organization. Of course, he had his ups and downs but he always remained loyal to his club. This is actually one of the reasons why Na’Vi never felt like swapping him for another player. In fact, every single team was going to take action because, during his year or two at the club, Na’Vi was not really achieving much.

There have been many amazing moments throughout his career in this club. However, the most prominent one has to be the TI 1 victory. In fact, Na’Vi had the absolute strongest roster back then, crushing pretty much all the competition.


Fortunately, we will be able to see more of Dondo at TI 9. Even though he did not make it as a player, he will be there as a part of the casting crew.

We hope to see the legendary player back in action soon. It will be interesting which team will he opt to join. After all, there will definitely be a lot of interest in him because he is still a force to be reckoned with.

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Dota 2: Dendi Leaves Na’Vi, Becomes a Free Agent
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