Dota 2: Dealing with Tilt and How Mastering it Can Win You More Games

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Dota 2: Dealing with Tilt and How Mastering it Can Win You More Games

ESTNN's Veselin Ignatov walks players through dealing with frustration when playing Dota 2.

Dota 2 is truly a wonderful game that gathers millions of players worldwide. However, the game always had one major issue – its community. Specifically, the sheer toxicity of this community is, sadly, one of Dota’s trademarks. In fact, in a recent study, around 80% of the players in Dota have experienced some sort of harassment, which just goes to show that there is indeed a serious issue here.

Of course, some people couldn't care less about getting flamed. They are just playing for fun and ignoring anything that their teammates or enemies say to them. However, there are many players out there who are very susceptible to harassment and take things very seriously. All players have had one guy who ruins the game just because someone said “FU” or some other type of nonsense.

Having said that, tilting is one of the main issues of the vast majority of the players. This article will try to provide you with some tips on how to cope with the frustration.

Tips on coping with tilt

Stay calm and mute the spammers

It might seem obvious and self-explanatory, but staying calm is definitely one of the best things a player can do in Dota 2. Once players find themselves getting flamed and start flaming back, it's easy to get distracted. Distraction leads to mistakes, which just increases the level of frustration. It's a vicious circle.

Apart from staying calm, players should click that precious mute button on the person that's dishing out the abuse. It literally takes seconds, but it can make all the difference in the world. I've had countless games where I’ve literally muted all nine players in order to concentrate solely on my gameplay.

Never give up

One of the most common problems in Dota is related to people just plain giving up. Not only is this a problem in the low skill brackets, but it exists in the highest level of PUB games as well.

How many times have players had a teammate who spams GG in All Chat ten minutes into the game? If players pay too much attention to these people, they can often find themselves accepting a loss before it ever happens. That’s why instead of griefing the entire game, player's need to try to think of a way to deal with their opponents.

For example, if there is an Outworld Devourer who is three-shotting your team, what do you do? No, you don’t GG to all chat! You farm the precious Black King Bar, smoke as five and kill the pesky hero! There are countless examples out there, but the end goal is always the same.

What’s more, nearly every single game in Dota 2, whether it's PUB or pro, is often winnable. Everyone has experienced an amazing comeback – that's part of the game.


Dealing with Throwing in Dota 2

Apart from being toxic, tilting can also result in throwing an otherwise winnable game. In fact, this is one of the most common problems among the lower skill PUB games. You often see a hero, let’s say Slark, go on an insane killing spree and then suddenly dies once and instantly buybacks and dies again. That's tilt. That's throwing.

This section is a reference to the first one – players need to remember to stay calm. Even if they believe that they are the strongest hero on the map, they shouldn't take unnecessary risks. Remember that the end goal is to win, not to kill enemies behind their tier four towers.

Try to think about this article the next time you are being under pressure. Who knows, it might just save you 25 MMR.


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Dota 2: Dealing with Tilt and How Mastering it Can Win You More Games
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