Dota 2: Day 6 of the ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major

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Dota 2: Day 6 of the ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major

All the action from Day 6 at the Stockholm Major.

Slowly but steadily, ESL One Stockholm 2022 is coming to an end. Following the Group Stage, we saw yesterday’s matches in the Upper Bracket. After a couple of interesting results, it was time to focus on the series from the Lower Bracket.

These matches were crucial because the teams that lose will have to wave goodbye to the Major. Every team gave everything they had, but in the end, only a few of them made it to the next round. So, let’s check what happened in each series.

Beastcoast vs Team Spirit

The first match of the Lower Bracket was between beastcoast and Team Spirit. Everyone who’s been following the Dota 2 scene for a while knows that Spirit is the big favorite. Unsurprisingly, casters and analyzers expected the CIS powerhouse to win with little to no effort. However, this wasn’t the case.

Game One

Despite having a very strong draft on paper, game one was not good for Team Spirit. Beastcoast had a good laning stage that allowed them to gain a solid advantage for the mid-game. Speaking of the devil, this is when things became really hard for the Eastern Europeans.

Bloodseeker and Snapfire seem like one of the best combos in the current patch and BC used it to its full potential. In this game, BS always had tons of movement speed and damage because his team did a lot of AoE damage. In the end, the hero became so powerful that even CK and Slardar were unable to kill him.

Team Spirit had a couple of chances to bounce back, Héctor Antonio “K1” Rodríguez’s Bloodseeker was enough for BC to win game one.

Game Two

Since TI 10 champions were one game away from elimination, they got Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk’s Phantom Lancer. Although the player has a pretty good win rating with him, PL was unable to win against the deadly Tiny and Troll combo.

The laning stage for TS was not good, which allowed BC to secure an early lead. This gave Troll Warlord enough time to farm up and become the strongest hero in the game.

31 minutes after the start of game two, Troll Warlord had almost twice the farm of any other hero in the game. What’s even worse is that no one from TS’s side had anything to stop him. The Aghs + Shard combo for BC was enough for the South Americans to eliminate one of the strongest teams in the event.

BB Team vs Team Liquid

The second series of the day gave us the chance to watch some of the best teams from Eastern and Western Europe. BB Team ended up in the LB after losing their series against Thunder Awaken yesterday. As for Team Liquid, Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen and the rest were unable to finish in the top four in their group.

Game One

Game one started well for BetBoom Team because they won the laning stage. Sadly, things went sideways once Matu and Liquid’s Storm secured a couple of kills. Team Liquid took full control of the game and quickly gained an impressive lead. Things got even scarier for their opponents once Matu’s signature Lone Druid got a few more items.

BetBoom had no answers for the deadly bear and after another big team fight near the T2 mid tower, Evgeniy “Noticed” Ignatenko and the rest decided to use the GG call. The team’s draft focused on the mid game, but since it wasn’t able to use the heroes’ capabilities,  it had no chance of bouncing back.

Game Two

After losing game one, BB Team decided to put their signature Nature’s Prophet to the test. As expected, the hero helped them a lot because he was able to split push and provide his teammates with a slight gold advantage early on.

Things were looking good for BB team because they even killed Roshan near the 25th minute. Despite the bad team fight that took place after that, the Eastern European managed to secure two lanes of rax.

Game Three

After the dominating performance from BB Team in game two, both teams had to fight one more time to determine the winner in the series. Team Liquid decided to focus on their signature Lone Druid once again, whereas BB stuck to the meta by getting CK.

The game was pretty even during the first 20 minutes of the game. However, once the mid game arrived, Chaos Knight became too strong to kill. The hero had around 25% more net worth than LD, which allowed him to do a lot of damage.

Even though BB Team had an impressive net worth advantage, Liquid managed to “turtle” for more than 15 minutes. Sadly, things they were unable to turn things around because BB Team got yet another Aegis.

Following this dominant victory, the Eastern Europeans eliminated Team Liquid and advanced to the next stage.

OG vs BOOM Esports

The final match of the day put together OG and BOOM Esports. The two teams had already met each other on the group stage, but neither of them won. Needless to say, this made the series even more enjoyable.

Game One

The first map between the two was full of ganks and team fights. Both teams played really aggressively, but BOOM won most of the encounters, at least until the mid game. Their Monkey King slowly became the strongest hero in the game and even surpassed OG’s Chaos Knight.

Despite the constant switch in the balance of power, neither team secured a lead until the 37th minute, when OG won a critical fight near Roshan. After securing the Aegis, there was another big fight that OG won and got the first lane of rax. A couple of minutes later, the two times TI champs gained an even more impressive lead and won the first game.

Game Two

After OG won the first game, the team decided to go for a draft around Morphling. Although Artem “Yuragi” Golubiev did not have the best laning stage, the European Team’s Puck and Timbersaw had an amazing game.

As expected, this allowed Yuragi to accumulate the needed farm. A couple of minutes later, the European superstar became the strongest hero in the game and got a couple of big items. 

27 minutes after the start of the game, OG had a 12k net worth lead and Morphling had a KDA of 8/0/5. BOOM tried to bounce back with their CK and Storm, but the two heroes couldn’t kill the powerful Agi carry.

After winning game two, OG advanced to R2 of the LB.

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Dota 2: Day 6 of the ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major
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