Dota 2 Data Miner Unveils Exclusive Mega Treasure Interface

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Dota 2 Data Miner Unveils Exclusive Mega Treasure Interface

A famous Dota 2 data miner has revealed the Mega Treasure interface, which could potentially replace the Battle Pass model

Renowned data miner Dota Степана (Dota Stepan) has provided Dota 2 enthusiasts with a tantalizing glimpse of what lies in store with the highly anticipated Mega Treasure interface. This revelation has ignited speculation within the gaming community, as many believe it to be a significant precursor to the impending changes in store for Dota 2, particularly concerning The International 2023.

The Mega Treasure interface could be a replacement for the traditional Battle Pass system, which has long been a cornerstone of Dota 2's annual competitive extravaganza, The International. This transition marks a pivotal moment in the game's evolution, signifying Valve's commitment to refreshing and enhancing the player experience.

Dota 2 Mega Treasure: What Do We Know?

Dota 2 Dataminer Unveils Exclusive Mega Treasure Interface

Photo Credit: Dota Степана

A treasure trove of insights into the inner workings of Dota 2 emerged on the Telegram channel known as “Dota Степана.” The information disseminated through this channel has cast a revealing light on what appears to be the upcoming mechanics of the much-anticipated Mega Treasure, as well as intriguing details regarding the player reward system.

Mega Treasure

A new file named “Mega Treasure” emerged alongside the Nemestice Battle Pass, introducing a straightforward mechanic. Here's how it works: With every Battle Pass level you achieve, you receive one spin of a virtual treasury wheel. Within this wheel, you'll find fragments (marked as ⭐️) belonging to various categories of rewards. 

Once you accumulate a specific number of ⭐️ within one category, you're eligible to redeem one random item from that particular category.

Moreover, if you find yourself with rewards that don't quite match your preferences, you have the option to exchange them using Choice Tokens (represented as ✨). These tokens allow you to obtain one ⭐️ from your preferred category, giving you more control over the rewards you earn.

There Are 9 Categories In Total 

When you reach ranks 2 through 5, you'll receive one fragment that corresponds to the rank you've achieved.

Rank 1: Emblem

These fragments are obtained through random drops when opening a treasure chest, with an incredibly rare 1 in 1,000,000 chance.

Rank 2: Arcana and Personalities – Collect 25 ⭐️

You won't get duplicate rewards until you've collected them all.

Rank 3: Main Rewards (Landscape, Courier, Towers, Creeps, Announcer, Music) – Collect 10 ⭐️

You won't receive duplicates until you've acquired all the rewards. Additionally, you can recycle rewards to get 3✨ tokens.

Rank 4 – Immortals – Collect 5 ⭐️

You won't get duplicate rewards until you've obtained all of them. Plus, you can recycle rewards to earn 2✨ tokens.

Rank 5 – Taunts – Collect 3 ⭐️

Duplicate rewards won't be given until you've collected all of them. You can also exchange rewards for 1✨ token when needed.

To acquire items from the 6th category and below, you only need to gather one fragment.

Rank 6 – Chat Wheel Phrases

Once you've obtained all the rewards in a particular category, fragments from that category will no longer drop.

Rank 7- Graffiti

When you've collected all the rewards in a category, fragments from that category will no longer appear.

Rank 8-Effects (Aghanim, Shiva, Eula)

Once you've acquired all the rewards, fragments from this category will no longer be awarded.

Rank 9-Consumables

There is no limit for this category. 

Dota Степана believes this is the plan to replace the Battle Pass model for the International 2023. He credited fellow insider DOTA_DM for discovering the Mega Treasure files.  There is no official confirmation, however, for any of this at this moment. 

Valve Corporation, in a blog post on the official Dota 2 website, announced that they won't release a Battle Pass for The International this year. The Dota 2 developers, nonetheless, hinted at an exciting upcoming release, which is likely to be the Mega Treasure.

Dota 2 Data Miner Unveils Exclusive Mega Treasure Interface
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