Dota 2: Collector’s Cache Volume II Is Out

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Dota 2: Collector’s Cache Volume II Is Out

Here is the latest thing that all Dota 2 fans can try out.

In case you forgot, Valve drastically changes the way in which people could submit sets for the Collector’s Cache. As a result, many people thought that we won’t see another Cache but this turned out to be false.

The situation around the Collector’s Cache took place in June. Due to a flaw in the submission process, some people gained an unfair advantage over others. As a result, Valve said that we probably won’t see a new Cache until they found a way to fix it.

Although it took them two months, the Collector’s Cache Volume II is here and it’s definitely something you need to check out.

What will you find there?

There are a bunch of amazing items that you can get. Our favorite one is for Templar Assassin, however, there are also other sets that are worth it, such as the one for Faceless Void.

The second Collector’s Cache is released just on time because this year’s prize pool has surpassed $32M USD. This means that there is a pretty high chance the overall prize will surpass $35M, which is just mind-blowing.

If you want to get your Collector’s Cache, you need to do it fast because it will be available only for 30 days. Don’t forget that you will receive 34 Battle Pass levels once you open 14 Cache’s, which is pretty cool. In fact, some people might want to use these bonus levels in order to reach the milestone for Windranger’s Arcana. Don’t forget that we’re yet to see this item, which will definitely add a lot of funds to the prize pool.

If you decide to buy this Cache, you will have to prepare to spend $2,49 for one. Don’t forget that each sale contributes to TI10’s prize pool, which is pretty cool.

Dota 2: Collector’s Cache Volume II Is Out
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