Dota 2: CIS Closed Qualifiers – Gambit are out

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Dota 2: CIS Closed Qualifiers – Gambit are out

The Group Stage round-robin has just finished and we now know the names of the four teams which will be going to the playoffs. Having said that, the biggest favorite did not make it. In fact, they just felt shortly after losing the last game in the group stage against Vega.

The top four teams


Vega Squadron completely shocked everyone after a perfect w/l ratio in the group stage. They gave no chances to any of their enemies in all of their games. That’s why if they continue to display the same performance, we will be able to see them at TI 9.


Lil and his team-mates also had a nearly perfect run mixed with some minor mistakes. Despite that, they gave a clear sign that they won’t go down without a fight.

Team Empire & Natus Vincere

Both of those teams have an equal score and nearly made it to the upper four. In fact, just one more mistake was probably going to be fatal for both of them. However, after Vega won against Gambit in their last match, both Na’Vi and Team Empire were guaranteed top four.

The Grand Final is in two days but we already can’t wait to watch it. As always, the CIS scene never seems to amaze us.


Dota 2: CIS Closed Qualifiers – Gambit are out
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