Dota 2: China TI 9 Open Qualifiers #2

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Dota 2: China TI 9 Open Qualifiers #2

The second open qualifiers for TI9 in Dota 2 are now over. Having said that, all the teams that managed to go through need to prepare themselves for the upcoming Closed Qualifiers that start in just a few days.

Team Serenity

The first team that managed to prevail was Team Serenity. They fell short in their previous attempt after losing in the semifinals. However, they’ve proven yet again why people consider them to be a very strong opponent. In fact, they had little to no trouble up to the Grand Final itself. There, FTD.Guys put up a decent challenge but at the end of the day, Team Serenity was victorious.



Finally, after months of bad luck, Newbee managed to succeed in something big. They got eliminated in the first Open Qualifiers very early on, which was not a good sign. In fact, many people thought that they will repeat their poor performance again. However, Sccc and his team-mates have stepped up their game drastically and managed to win the second open qualifiers.

Hopefully, they`ll show the same performance in the Closed Qualifiers too. After all, TI 9 will not be the same without a TI champion.

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Dota 2: China TI 9 Open Qualifiers #2
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