Dota 2: China Open Qualifiers – IG and CDEC Make it Through

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Dota 2: China Open Qualifiers – IG and CDEC Make it Through

The regional Open qualifiers for TI 9 have started and the fight for the biggest tournament of the year has begun. Having said that, two Chinese teams already secured their spots for the Closed qualifiers. Despite that, there is still one more Open Qualifier to go, so we don’t know all the names yet.

Invictus Gaming

The first team that successfully passed is IG. They had a somewhat easy time with the sole exception for Team Serenity. The series between the two teams was full of tons of back and forth action. However, after an epic one hour game two, IG was the one that will continue further in the event.

CDEC Gaming

The second team on the list is CDEC, a well-known name in TI. In case anyone forgot, CDEC were the finalists in TI 5 where they took everyone by surprise after an amazing run in the event. Despite that though, they ended up losing in the Grand Finals against EG.
Today, CDEC’s roster has nothing to do with the one from before. In fact, there is not a single player from that period of time. Regardless of that, the Chinese team had to go through very big names in order to secure their spot, raging from BurNing to YaphetS.

In the end, they won two quick games against Royal and are now looking forward to their next challenge.

Apart from China, the SEA region is also playing today, so expect more info on it soon.

Dota 2: China Open Qualifiers – IG and CDEC Make it Through
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