Dota 2: Chaos Esports releases MiSERY

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Dota 2: Chaos Esports releases MiSERY

Chaos Esports Club has released Rasmus “MiSERY” Urpalainen in preparation for the upcoming DPC Season.

Chaos Esports is a very interesting organization when it comes down to Dota 2. Until a couple of months ago, they had a team based in South America that did fairly well but never actually excelled when it comes to big tournaments. This led to many changes, and ultimately, dropping the entire roster. Shortly after that, Chaos Esports announced that they will be acquiring the ex-paiN Gaming roster. As a result, the organization changed its region and started to play in Europe.

Just a couple of weeks before TI 9 was about to begin, the ex-Team Liquid announced shocking news – they released Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen. This was a huge shock to the entire Dota 2 community but Chaos EC saw it as a chance. A couple of days after this, Rasmus “MiSERY” Filipsen approached Matu on Twitter and the ex-Liquid player joined MiSERY’s team.

TI9 and Beyond

Probably the best word that describes Chaos EC at TI 9 is a disaster. They’ve got completely outplayed by their enemies and finished last in their group. As a result, Matu, vtFaded & Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann left the squad.

Rasmus was the last remaining player but it seems like he was unable to form a new roster. That’s why just a couple of days before the first DPC events, Chaos Esports is now officially without a roster.

“Rasmus has personally contributed more to the growth and development of the Dota 2 program of Chaos since its inception (including the historic 2016 TI run) than any other player.” – said Greg Laird, Chaos EC’s CEO. He even continues by saying that he became good friends with MiSERY.

Whether or not will MiSERY find a new team is still up in the air. Having said that, he needs to hurry up because the first DPC events are just around the corner.

Dota 2: Chaos Esports releases MiSERY
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