Dota 2: Broadcast Talent Announced For The ONE Esports Singapore Major

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Dota 2: Broadcast Talent Announced For The ONE Esports Singapore Major

We’ll be taking a look at the all-star cast delivering commentary, analysis and hosting for the ONE Esports Singapore Major crown.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the first Major tournament of 2021 in the Dota Pro Circuit.

18 teams from all over the world will be competing for the prize, held at the Fairmont in Singapore from March 27 to April 4.

Since the competition will be held behind closed doors, fans will be depending much more on livestreams.  Here's a run down of the commentators and hosts we can expect to see behind the desk.

 Host: Jorien “Sheever” van der Heijden

No doubt a familiar face to many fans. Sheever's an English language content creator. She's worked as a commentator, host, analyst and interviewer for Dota tournaments since 2012. Plus. she's worked for at nearly every International since 2012; only missing TI3.

She frequently records vlogs at events, featuring fun behind the scene tidbits. In 2017 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The Dota 2 community rallied around her during her treatment. Thankfully, Sheever's since recovered and is currently in remission.

Host: Kasumi “sumichu” Yogi

The Major will mark Sumichu's first foray into a big Dota 2 event. She's the director of marketing and business development for Games Done Quick. And we can expect she'll be bringing her strong following in the world of esports to her task of hosting the tournament.

 Commentator: Neal “tsunami” Khandheria

Perhaps best known for his distinctive voice and even more distinguishing beard, Tsunami’s work as a content creator launched him into casting. He owns and operates howdoiplay, a website featuring Dota 2 hero tips and counters. Tsunami got his first live cast at Galaxy Battles II. He moved into casting qualifier matches back in 2016. Eventually going on to join the Beyond The Summit casting team covering the WESG 2016 Asia Pacific Finals.

Since then he's worked as a commentator and analyst for many Major and Minor events.

Commentator: Owen “ODPixel” Davies

ODPixel first began casting for small online tournaments in the UK. But since then he's gained notable fame for his work. First praised for casting non-stop during a 3 hour game between Cloud9 and ScaryFaceZZZ, viewers have come to laud his dedicated and tireless style of casting.

OD worked for Beyond The Summit and then for Moonduck. He also cast for The International from 2015 to 2019.

Commentator: Ioannis “Fogged” Loucas

Fogged is a professional player whose most recent team was Steak Gaming. He was pulled into casting by first working as a freelance analyst during tournaments. In September 2016, he joined Beyond The Summit as a commentator and analyst. He has since worked as an analyst, commentator and caster in many Majors.

 Commentator: Benjamin “BKop” Kopilow

BKop won the EPICENTER XL caster competition, landing him the chance to cast the event in Moscow alongside former caster Grant “GranDGranT” Harris and several others. Before that, he got his first break into casting during the WESG EU/CIS Regional final in Barcelona. He also worked during Galaxy Battles II in Manila. Most recently he provided commentary and analysis for Season 1 of the DPC in China and SEA.

Commentator: Admir “LizZard” Salkanović

A former Bosnian professional Dota 2 player, LizZard's worked as a commentator, analyst and caster since 2019. He's covered multiple tournaments during his short time on the scene, including the Leipzig Major and the EPICENTER Major 2019.

Commentator: David “GoDz” Parker

Co-founder of Beyond The Summit, GoDz started casting in 2011 for GosuGamers. His work with the ROCCAT GosuCup was the first consistent English cast for Dota 2 in the Southeast Asia and China circuit. Since then he's worked as an analyst and commentator for every International since 2014 as well as a slew of Majors.

 Commentator: Dominik “Black^” Reitmeier

Black^ is a Dota 2 player from Germany. He last played for LGD International. Whenever he’s not playing for a team, he generally works as an analyst. As a result, he's provided coverage across numerous tournaments from 2016-2019. The DPC 2021 Season 1 – China Upper Division found him working as a commentator for the first time.

Commentator: Dominik “Lacoste” Stipić

Lacoste was a player of both Dota A and Dota 2, however he retired from competitive play back in 2012. Since then he's provided commentary and analysis for numerous Dota 2 events and Majors from 2017 to 2019, including the Chongqing Major and ESL One Birmingham 2018.

With plenty of new and familiar faces behind the desk, the Singapore Major is shaping up to be a welcome return to LAN events for the community. Be sure to catch it live when the series kicks-off on March 27th!

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