Dota 2: Bounties for Day 4 of Midas Mode 2.0

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Dota 2: Bounties for Day 4 of Midas Mode 2.0

Midas Mode 2.0 is one of the most interesting tournaments to watch. Despite the fact that it’s not included in this years’ DPC, it still has some of the most legendary players in the world and a decently sized prize pool of $150k.

Each day, the community chooses different “tasks” for the players to do. The organizers of the event call them Bounties. Let’s take a look at today’s challenges. If you missed any from the previous days, be sure to check them out here.


The enemy of my enemy is my friend – this is a team-based challenge which is aimed at killing Super Roshan. In order to do it, both teams have to get their bounties and say “Go Rosh?” in the chat. Once he dies, the aegis has to be denied and the teams have to prevent themselves from fighting for at least ten seconds. If they succeed, they will get 300 moonbucks.

It’s a Trap! – Once you made a quadruple stack, write “QUAD STACK FOR YOU” in the chat. If the team manages to keep it alive for 3 minutes after that, they will receive 200 moonbucks.

It’s Soon Right? – This challenge will give a team 200 moonbucks if they place an obs ward next to Roshan. Once they are done, they need to type “Happy Diretide”.

Clippy – Once a team gets five deaths, someone from it has to “offer unhelpful advice” on how they could’ve saved themselves. The prize – 150 moonbucks.

Dota Trivia Night – Undoubtedly one of the coolest bounties yet. During the game, the casters will ask Dota 2 related questions. The first player that answers all of them will win 50 moonbucks. However, the casters can only ask three questions per game.

Do You Remember? –  An amazing challenge that allows both teams to play the same drafts from Game 5 of TI 3 finals. Apart from being pretty damn cool, the drafts won’t cost any moonbucks.

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Dota 2: Bounties for Day 4 of Midas Mode 2.0
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