Dota 2: Bounties for Day 3 of Midas Mode 2.0

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Dota 2: Bounties for Day 3 of Midas Mode 2.0

Midas Mode 2.0 is one of the funniest esports tournaments to watch. That said, it’s pretty hard to explain because it’s entirely different compared to the usual events. Even though it’s not included in the DPC calendar, it still has a pretty decent prize pool of  $150K USD.

Midas Mode 2 – Day 3 Match Discussions from DotA2

One of the best aspects of it is the fact that the community can choose different daily bounties that the teams can do. The bounties are essentially challenges that provide moonbucks whenever they are completed.

Let’s take a look at what are the bounties for Day 3 of Midas Mode 2.0


Press F to Pay Respect – In order to get 300 moonbucks from this, a player has to drop the recipe for Eu’s Scepter for Kyle’s Eul’s between 23:55 and 24:05

Run, Chicken, Run! – The courier of a team has to touch both of the enemy shrines before it starts flying. Needless to say, it also must return safely to the base in order to get 300 moonbucks.

Get Down, Mr. President! – This challenge basically allows a team to put a “bounty” on one of their players and call him VIP. If that player survives for five minutes, they will get 200 moonbucks. However, if the enemy team also calls someone VIP, one of them has to die in those five minutes.

Hide And Mango Seek – As the name suggests, a team has to buy and then hide 3 mangos outside the base before the first rune spawns. The goal here is to “save” at least one of the mangos from the enemy team in order to win 175 moonbucks.

For Honor – A classic challenge that used to be a thing back in DotA. One of the teams can request a duel by choosing one of their players to represent them. Likewise, the enemy has to do the same, which means that both players will have to fight to the death in the mid lane. The hero that wins will bring his team 175 moonbucks.

Dance With The Devil By The First Moonlight – Last, but definitely not least, this is another cool bounty. In order to get 150 moonbucks, a player has to survive an attack from Roshan in the first five minutes.


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Dota 2: Bounties for Day 3 of Midas Mode 2.0
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