Dota 2: BoraNija Leaves Mudgolems

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Dota 2: BoraNija Leaves Mudgolems

Unfortunately, mudgolems is now down to four players.

One of the most interesting ongoing tournaments right now is the EPIC League Division 2. It includes some of the best European teams, including mudgolems. Although Adrian “Fata” Trinks’ stack staked didn’t seem that strong, it was actually able to show its prowess several times.

However, mudoglems aren’t performing that well right now, which is why they dropped down to the second division of the tournament. Consequently, Fata and co. decided it’s time for a roster change.

The change

Although he was a part of the team since the beginning, Dusko “BoraNija” Boranijasevic is departing from the squad. The player had a key role in modgolem’s success during the BTS Pro Series Season 3 and ESL One Germany 2020. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been performing that well recently, especially during the EPIC League. Hence, he won’t be playing as a mid laner for the team anymore.

We still don’t know the name of the player that will substitute in for BoraNija. We still got a few days until the EPIC League Division 2 resumes, so we will see an update soon. Don’t forget to also watch the OGA Dota PIT Season 4 EU/CIS. It starts in just a week and will also feature the best teams in these regions.

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For now, mudgolem’s roster looks like this:

  • Oliver “skiter” Lepko
  • Neta “33” Shapira
  • Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara
  • Adrian “Fata” Trinks
Dota 2: BoraNija Leaves Mudgolems
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